When to announce pregnancy

When To Announce Pregnancy

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Your pregnant and super excited which is understandable, so how do you know when to announce pregnancy to your loved ones. When is the right time to announce pregnancy at work?




You are probably going over all of these thoughts right now as your head races with excitement, I totally get it and know where you are coming from right now!!! It’s such an exciting time and having a baby is amazing especially if you have been trying to get pregnant for a long time or this is your first one.  Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!!!!




Before you go out and tell the world your pregnant there are a few things to consider, yes you need to slow down and think this through a little bit. Do you want everyone to know right away even if something can happen early on?




I don’t want to put a damper on your excitement especially right now, but sometimes things do happen and I want you to be prepared to make the right decision for yourself before you go and announce to everyone that you are pregnant.

For more information on what to do after you find out you are pregnant, this article may help.



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It may not be the best timing at the moment and you want to enjoy every time that you tell a loved one that your pregnant so you should spread it out.  If you have to tell someone right away make it a close friend (as long as they aren’t struggling with getting pregnant and will have a hard time with your news) and share the moment with her first.





I say this because I called my best friend right after I took my pregnancy test just because I was in shock and needed to tell someone who would understand how I was feeling because I thought my mind was going to burst with so many thoughts all at once.

when to announce pregnancy

When Is The Right Time To Announce Pregnancy

Hopefully, you have told your husband by now but if not then focus on how you are going to do that! Maybe he is busy or at work so you haven’t said anything yet unless you are to excited and announced it right off the bat lol.




I could never find the right time to tell my husband and ended up telling him at 5:30 in the morning (not a good time) and got no response, it’s like he was half asleep or so in shock that he couldn’t speak haha. I don’t recommend doing it this way!!




Right now you should just enjoy the news with your spouse or significant other, bask in the joy together for a little bit and start planning what you need to do to take care of yourself such as dealing with the fun pregnancy symptoms!




You may be interested in reading this article on morning sickness and how to deal with it so that you can be more comfortable.



Telling everyone else will come in time but it is best to wait until the right moment to tell them.  It all depends on if you need a big support system if you were to have a miscarriage or if you are the kind of person that likes to deal with things alone with your spouse.


Here are some tips on when to tell everyone!



Telling Your Parents

Depending on how your parents are telling them first is a good idea after a week or so, this all depends on if your parents are going to blab to everyone else you want to tell. If they are blabs then I would say wait to tell them. 


If they are super supportive and can keep a secret I would go for it!



When we told my parents it was on mothers day and I gave her a onesie that said I Love My Grandma (she loved it and got it right away haha).  My husband’s parents we told earlier because my husband can’t keep a secret haha he had to tell.




Telling Your Brothers And Sisters

This can be done after a month or so as long as no one has let it slip out. Around 9 weeks is a good time to tell them as it is getting closer to the safe mark of 12 weeks where your risk of miscarriage drops to around 5% but is different for every woman based on age, fetal heart rate and if you had any previous miscarriages. 




Also, you will have had your first couple of appointments with your doctor and an ultrasound photo to show off to your anxious crowd, which makes it all the more exciting to announce.




Aunts And Uncles

By 12 weeks you should be able to tell all your Aunts and Uncles about being pregnant and have more information to share with them at this point. You know how Aunts are about having to know all the details and having an opinion on everything, that’s how it works in my family anyway haha.



  Hopefully, none of them is the kind of person that jumps on social media to congratulate you and end up telling everyone when you don’t want them to know yet.  If this is true I would leave that person out if possible until later on.




Tell All Your Friends

At this point (13 weeks) you can let all your friends in on what is going on with you if they haven’t figured it out by now! You may have been acting strangely enough for them to pick up on it and have a clue into what your hiding from them. 




You can do this when you all get together by wearing a super fun t-shirt with a cute I’m pregnant phrase or picture on it or even have a party at your house and announce it there.



Telling Work

You may want to wait a while to tell your employer your pregnant depending on what you do and how things are at your job. Only you can know when it is right to say something to your boss at work. 


It is wise to tell your boss before you tell coworkers due to the fact that your boss may hear about it through the grapevine and no one wants it to be like that!



In this situation I would say around 15 weeks is a good time but like I said it all depends on your work situation. Some employers don’t like it when they hear this and may try to demote you or be hard on you because they don’t want to lose you for maternity leave and deal with the hassle. Not all employers are this way but some are!



I didn’t tell anyone at work until I was 25 weeks, yup I kept it a secret and let them all think I was gaining weight from eating too much until a new employee called me out!! She had no clue no one knew and felt super bad about it, but I was forced to tell after that. 



It wasn’t the most ideal of work situations and environment and my boss was less than pleased to hear about it even though she still tried to fake that she was excited for me. She was way less than understanding when it came to doctor appointments and bathroom runs after finding out why.




For more information on how I was able to hide my pregnancy for so long, you may want to read this article on How to Hide Your Pregnancy Without Anyone Noticing.



Just be cautious when it comes to work is all that I am saying! You may have an awesome boss that is super excited for you and totally supportive and I really hope this is true for you and not what happened to me. It’s nice to have that support at work as well as friends and family.


When should you announce your pregnancy


Sharing Your News on Facebook

This is a different story and it all depends on who you have on your Facebook such as coworkers, friends, and distant family.  If you have already told your work and close friends or groups of friends you hang out with including your close family then I would share the news at about 20 to 25 weeks with your social media family.





It all depends once again on your own situation but that is what I would personally recommend so you aren’t bombarded all at once with questions from everyone. Rather you will still have questions but maybe less at this point as a lot of your Facebook and social media friends will know.





You may not take any of my suggestions and that is okay they are a guideline but not one you have to follow and like I said it all depends on your situation and how your family is. You may have highly opinionated people in your family or group of friends that you don’t want to know about your pregnancy just because of the comments they may make and the unsolicited advice.



That is okay! Do what you feel is best for you in your situation.





Final Thoughts on When to Announce Your Pregnancy

If you see people every day I would most definitely not wait until your third trimester to tell them or even past the point of being able to hide your pregnancy. It will just make things awkward and they will wonder why you haven’t said anything about it. It will just make everything super uncomfortable and could end friendships or acquaintances with people you know.





If you have had a miscarriage before or know that you have a higher chance for miscarriage and need the support of others then it is in your best interest to tell people right away. Not on social media but those that really need to know and can give you the support you need if something should happen.




Even if you aren’t at high risk or had one before you may be the type of person that needs those people to be there to share in your news!!





Congratulations Mama on your sweet bundle of joy!! I hope you found this post helpful and have a better idea of when you are going to tell everyone your awesome news.


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  1. Loved this! Great points to consider.

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    1. Hi Cassandra
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