When Do You Start to Show During Pregnancy

Finding out that your pregnant is one of the most exciting things to happen in our lives especially if you have been waiting for this moment for a long time! What makes it actually feel real is having that cute little baby bump. When do you start to show the bump during pregnancy is a common question asked by most mommas because of the need to validate their pregnancy or to show off the bump.


Whatever your reason is for wanting to know I totally understand, whether you want to hide it or tell the world it is something that helps you mentally deal with being pregnant and also gives you piece of mind.


When I first found out I was pregnant I was super excited and anxious, it all didn’t feel real until my first doctors appointment when I heard the heartbeat and later when my baby bump started to appear. I know where you are coming from and how it feels to first be pregnant and have no signs other then sickness that you are indeed caring a baby, it makes you question if you are pregnant at all and causes lots of anxiety.


To help alleviate the anxiety I will be answering these questions for you:

When most pregnant women start showing 

Factors that go into when you are going to show

Why some women show at different times



When do you start to show


When Do Most Pregnant Women Start Showing?


Whether you want your bump to show so you don’t have to tell people your pregnant or if you want to hide it from family, friends, coworkers and your boss this is the time for most first time moms that the bump will appear.


Your growing Uterus hides inside your pelvis until it outgrows this space and then starts to peak out into your abdomen showing your bump, this usually happens around 14 weeks but can be sooner for some women.


Some of the factors on when you start to show during pregnancy also have to do with your body type, for tall women they may show later on and for short women it might be sooner.  Many women report having their bump arrive exactly at 12 weeks.


You can’t compare your bump to anyone else’s, they are unique to every women and no two look the same. Don’t worry if you don’t show for a long time, I know that’s hard to hear but enjoy not having to dress the bump just yet.


As long as your baby is growing and developing the way it should and your doctor says it’s healthy try not to stress over it!


If this isn’t your first pregnancy you may show sooner then you did the last time just due to the fact that your muscles have already stretched once before to carry a baby. They know exactly what to do this time around and everything works a bit smoother because of this.  Remember no two pregnancies are the same so it may not be like it was the last time!


7 Factors That Affect When You Start to Show During Pregnancy


  1. Stomach Muscle Strength: Some women won’t show for as late as 16 weeks or longer due to how strong their stomach muscles are. If you workout a lot and have a very slim stomach you most likely won’t show as early as some women who don’t workout.  If this is not your first pregnancy and you didn’t get your core back to where it was post pregnancy then you may show faster due to having muscle problems called diastasis recti.



2. Bloating: Some women tend to retain water more then others and this can cause you to look pregnant sooner as well. Make sure to drink a lot of water each day to stay hydrated this will help you not bloat as much.  You can bloat from excess gas build up or from constipation, try not to eat food that causes gas like broccoli, tomato seeds, cucumber seeds, etc  For the constipation it is a good idea to use a laxative for a much easier time.



3.  Pregnant With Twins: If you are pregnant with twins your uterus is going to expand faster and have less room earlier on in your pregnancy causing you to show sooner then most women maybe even well before 12 weeks.



4. Age: Yes age is a factor and has a lot to do with muscle strength, most older women have less muscle strength then younger women. I don’t want to say all women because their is always someone who is outside of the norm such as the one that works out religiously and has a super tight stomach or six pack abs.



5. Body Type: If you carry a little more weight you may not show for a while due to your body type where as a person with very little body fat may tend to show sooner. If you have a longer torso you may not show for a little while longer because your uterus has extra room to expand before growing out where as a person with a shorter torso will probably show sooner due to the lack of room.



6. Incorrect Due Date:  Having the wrong due date can make you look pregnant sooner or later depending on how far off it is, your doctor can figure this all out for you so don’t worry if this is you it will be corrected shortly.



7. Previous Surgery:  If you had previous abdominal surgery or a c section then you will show sooner due to the weakened muscles.


Every women is different and it has to do with your genetics as well, if your mom showed early you probably will too. Your DNA determines a lot when it comes to being pregnant so don’t be surprised if you are similar to your mom or sisters during your pregnancy.


Their are many factors involved in when you start to show during pregnancy but by looking at the facts and figuring out your body type you can have a better idea of when you will start to show.  Congratulations on your pregnancy momma and try not to worry so much about your baby bump, just enjoy the time now when you can still see your feet!


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