What to pack in hospital bag for mom and baby

What To Pack In Hospital Bag For Mom and Baby

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One of the most important items during your last trimester is your hospital bag and making sure you have all the essentials. Here is a list of what to pack in your hospital bag for mom and baby so you don’t leave anything out.


Once you are in labor the last thing you want to think about is trying to pack a bag and in order to avoid all of the crazy that would follow I have made a list for you, dad, and baby with everything you need so you don’t miss a thing.  Please do this a month in advance so you are not scrambling for your items if you go into labor a bit early.


If you are wondering what labor feels like this article may help Signs That Labor Has Started

You really should have your hospital bag packed around 35 weeks so you are prepared for anything that may happen, not that it will but it’s better to be prepared in advance.





Having a baby is extremely exciting and terrifying at the same time, your probably so ready to be not pregnant and have a glass of wine by now and I totally understand. The last month is probably the most brutal when it comes to dealing with pregnancy symptoms like swelling, heartburn and not being able to sleep well.




I’m sorry you are so uncomfortable right now! Remember that you are almost there and getting your bags packed is one last step to take. You can also check out this article on Getting Through The Miserable Last Weeks Of Pregnancy


For some great tips on how to get better sleep during pregnancy, you might want to read this article.


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What to pack in hospital bag for mom and baby

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What You Need To Pack In Your Hospital Bag For Both Mom And Baby

If this is your first pregnancy or you haven’t been pregnant for years now you may not be sure what you need to pack in your hospital bag. I recommend having two small bags for yourself, one for during labor items you will want and use and the other for after giving birth that way you can stay somewhat organized and not have a ton of stuff to go through to find what you need.





What To Pack For Labor 

  • Your Insurance card and Drivers License
  • Birth plan and any other papers you may need
  • Contacts or Glasses
  • Comfortable gown for giving birth in, preferably one you are okay getting dirty and stained (I just wore the hospital gowns so I didn’t need to deal with it)
  • Socks and Slippers maybe a Robe encase you want to walk around during labor
  • Snacks for a long labor and some water or electrolyte drinks
  • Music or Earbuds to help you relax and stay calm
  • A phone charger
  • ChapStick because you will need it
  • Ponytail holder or headband
  • Money for the vending machine just encase you need it
  • Birth ball
  • Essential oils for relaxation
  • Books or Magazines for light reading if it is a long wait


For help on how to write a birth plan, you may want to read this article.







What To Pack For After Birth

  • Your essential toiletries such as a hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, soap, deodorant, face wash, lotions, and other items for contacts or glasses. Go for travel size so they don’t take up a ton of space in your bag. Also, try to put them in their own small toiletries bag (inside your bag) so you can have them available when you need them.
  • 2 or 3 Nursing bras and some pads (these are the pads I used and absolutely love them) so you don’t leak everywhere.
  • Loose comfortable clothing because it gets hot in the maternity ward and you need to feel as human as possible at this point
  • Clothes to go home in that are comfortable (preferably your maternity clothes just because they will still fit and be comfortable for now) and flat shoes or the ones you came in wearing.
  • 3 or 4 pairs of Maternity underwear ones that you don’t care about or even better are the always discreet boutique, these are comfortable and don’t feel like a diaper.
  • Pads for heavy bleeding, the ones the hospital gives you are big and bulky.
  • Bath towel, so you feel more at home (hospital ones are thin and ruff).
  • Hairdryer
  • Breastfeeding pillow
  • Nipple cream to protect your nipples from breastfeeding dryness and cracking
  • Nipple shields
  • Breast pump, the hospital will have one but it is nicer to use your own
  • A pillow, the ones at the hospital are so uncomfortable
  • Camera for taking pictures afterward

What to pack in hospital bag for mom and baby






What To Pack For Your Baby

  • Car seat
  • A coming home outfit (bring a few different ones in case one doesn’t fit)
  • Clothes for pictures
  • Warm Blankets for going home
  • Warm coat if it’s winter along with a hat
  •  Binky
  • Bottles if not breastfeeding
  • Receiving blanket
  • Diapers and Wipes
  • Onesies
  • Burp Cloths

If you are still looking for a good baby bottle to use this article might be really helpful to you Best Baby Bottles For Newborns With Gas And Reflux Issues




Don’t forget your free hospital bag checklist!!!








Final Thoughts on What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Mom, Dad, & Baby

Don’t forget to pack things for dad as well, in all the excitement he may end up with nothing to wear or the essential toiletries that he needs for a couple of days stay in the hospital. I packed one for my husband and had it in with my clothes but I still forgot stuff for him like a shaver or shaving cream and socks.





It’s best to do these things early on so that you can go get some things from the store beforehand and not have to go without or run to the store while at the hospital. If your husband is anything like mine he will go without lol.




I would bring your diaper bag and have all of the baby’s items packed in it with some extra room for the goodies the hospital will give you to take home as well. You don’t want to have a problem packing up when it’s time to leave.


All of the items listed work for a c section or vaginal birth so it doesn’t matter which one you have you will be fully prepared for both!




I hope this helps you get those bags packed and feel more confident that you will be ready for labor day and those few days in the hospital. Hang in there momma your baby will be here sooner than you think.


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