Toddler eating

Toddler Eating Problems and Why They Happen

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Toddler eating habits are very confusing, have you been through this scenario before? For days little Donny has been eating everything he is offered and even what mom is eating, seems he can’t get enough food in his belly. Then one day he doesn’t want anything just snacks and nothing else. His favorite foods are thrown or dropped onto the floor and you are about to loose it because he is making a mess and being such a fussy eater. Fine one day and not fine the next so your brain starts running over scenarios: Is he sick? Does he not like the food I feed him anymore? What did I do wrong?



Every mom has been through this at one or more times! Babies and Toddlers refuse to eat food, maybe all of it or part even favorite foods. What is wrong with them and why is this happening? How do they go from eating everything in sight to not wanting anything?

Toddler Eating

Why Toddlers Have Eating Issues

I still deal with this same issue and have tried all the tricks people say to use for picky eaters from using trays with different varieties of food to meals Toddlers will eat for sure and none of them worked for me so just try some things and if they don’t work don’t panic.


This is all very normal for little ones to do. Some only survive on blueberries and cheerios and they turn out just fine. I have been to the doctor about this a few times thinking my little guy was sick and the doctor told me it is all normal. They eat when they want and won’t starve, if our little is hungry he will eat. According to source this is just how toddlers are from age 20 months and up, a growth spurt or teething will cause them to not want to eat.


Here is a list of food that your little one may eat (every child is different):


For us mom’s this is comforting to hear but still frustrating because we feel they should be eating like they always do. Snacks aren’t going to help nourish our little ones and fill their bellies. I repeat don’t panic remain calm and work through it.


Offer what they usually love as well as fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks or make a smoothie for them out of yogurt and other healthy food (this works for me some of the time).


Sometimes they are teething and all they want is something cold to help soothe them. I usually offer frozen fruits or anything cold, if this works for you then your little one is probably teething so continue to offer cold food to soothe the gums as well as Tylenol or Ibuprofen. You can also use vanilla extract and put just a dab on the gums to help stop the pain right away, this works very well and also helps the tooth break the surface a bit easier.


Reference: Baby Teething Tips Proven To Work



Toddlers are picky eaters by nature this is just how they are, one day they may like something and the next hate it and want something else. By being picky and making choices they are showing their independence and ability to make choices and have control. Instead of fighting this we need to embrace it and give them a choice of what to eat, it will save us from pulling our hair.


Your toddler may decide they don’t want to sit in a highchair any more so if you find them screaming and crying when it is time to eat this is probably what is going on! I know this because I dealt with it for a week and finally figured it out (super frustrating) by putting his food on the table with a big chair and he happily sat down and started eating.



Give small amounts of different food and don’t make them clean their plate as this will make him associate eating with something unpleasant making meal time harder the next time. Also eat with him so that he sees that meal time is a family thing and we stay at the table and eat together, in the long run this will save you from fighting to keep him at the table when he is older. Make eating fun, give things to dip food in or make cute shapes out of his food.




For example I give my son tomatoes and cucumbers with some dip and he will eat all of it because he gets to have fun dipping it. Same goes for apples I give peanut butter or hummus so that he will get more protein and have fun eating it. Be creative and find fun ways for your little one to eat so that they are not bored by food!




Be Patient, This Too Shall Pass

Always be consistent with your little one, what you do one day they will expect all the time that is just how they are wired. Logic plays no rolls in our babies lives until they are four or five. Children are always growing and learning so how we react to things they do is teaching them something as well. Don’t freak out always stay calm you are the parent, remember that eating habits won’t always be like this.



I have found that if my son refuses to eat a lot he is growing and when he has grown in a few days he will go back to eating everything in sight. Your child’s eating habits may not be pickiness but simply a stage of growing.


Before you freak out and haul your little one to the doctor remember this is all normal and unless they have a fever or symptoms of illness and aren’t eating at all then this too will pass. So hang on mamma it will all be okay.



Download this awesome list of food your little one will most likely eat!!





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