Sick toddler

What To Do When You Have A Sick Toddler

Your sweet little one wakes up cranky and feeling warm with pale face and red circles under their eyes, what can you do to help your sick toddler?

Tis the season for cold and flu bugs, seems like everyone gets sick this time of year and it’s hard for kids not to get sick, even if  you sanitize shopping carts and keep them from sick people all it takes is one person sneezing by them and bam they are sick.

This very thing happened to me last week, a bug of some sort hit our household and all of us started feeling terrible. It hit our toddler worse then us though he woke up cranky and tired with pale face and red circles under his eyes and you could tell he just felt yucky. As a mom you want to fix whatever is wrong and when they are sick it is worse so what can you do to help?



Sick Toddler

What You Can Do To Help Your Sick Toddler

There are several things you can do to help your little one!

  1. The most important one is to make sure they drink plenty of fluids to help flush out the bug that is attacking their little bodies, you can try Popsicles if they won’t drink.
  2. Be sure they get as much rest as possible, the more time their bodies have to rest and fight the cold or flu the better. This can be hard if they don’t want to because they may miss out on something but you can help by distracting them with books, movies and lots of cuddle time. I have found that warm water with honey in it is a very effective or you can give a teaspoon or two on a spoon to help them fight the bugs and help them sleep better. These are the awesome benefits of raw honey according to Source  I use it for a lot of things!
  3. Rub Vick’s on their feet and put on socks to help with a cough at night.
  4. Put bath salts in bath water and have your little one soak in it, this draws the toxins out of the body and helps them get over it faster.
  5. Use a cold air humidifier to help with stuffy noses and coughs to promote better sleep.


Your child may not want to eat a lot of food right now I have found that fruit, maybe some vegetables if they will eat them, yogurt, and crackers seem to be the best thing for them. Sometimes you can get them to eat hummus and nuts or sunflower seeds as long as your child isn’t allergic. The past week that is all our son would eat and nothing else. Orange juice is a good thing to have on hand as well to help with vitamin C intake and keep them hydrated.


Keep an eye on your little ones temperature, if it continues for 24 hours and is 104 F or higher for 1 to 2 year olds then take them into the ER right away.  Use those mommy instinks if you feel something is wrong with your child that is not the norm take them into a doctor or go to the ER. We have been there many times with Croup and every time our son gets it, it’s worse then the last time. I know how scary it can be when your baby gets sick and you feel so helpless.  You will just know when you have to take them in.

Reference: How To Deal With Croup in Babies and Toddlers

Things To Remember


You may be exhausted but this will pass, try to get as much rest as you can when you are able and don’t be afraid to ask for help from a parent or good friend. Having sick children is so ruff but you will get through it and they won’t stay sick forever. The usual cold lasts about a week or two and the flu is about the same but symptoms go away in a couple days so hang on momma you can do this! I know it is hard but you are strong and resourceful and will make it through this too.

Sick toddler



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