Pregnant at Christmas

Pregnant at Christmas Time| A Stress Free Guide

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Being pregnant at Christmas time can be very stressful and exhausting especially if you are close to your due date, so how do you survive the holidays without being overwhelmed with all the Christmas gifts, parties and dinners? I was pregnant and due December 30 so I know all about the exhaustion and stress of the holidays especially when you are still preparing for babies arrival.


Whether you are in your early stages of pregnancy or close to the end, I have put together a survival guide to help you have a stress free holiday!


Pregnant at Christmas time

Pregnant At Christmas Your Survival Guide

Being pregnant around the holidays is going to be hard especially if you are in the first trimester dealing with fatigue and morning sickness or in the third trimester absolutely uncomfortable with no energy to deal with all the preparations for Christmas.



I am following this guide myself and have updated it since I wrote it a few years ago, we are having another baby who is expected just a week before Christmas so I need this guide as much as you do because I really won’t feel up to all the holiday stuff and don’t want to be super stressed with everything going on.




These steps I have laid out will help you take it step by step and get the things you need to do done and out of the way so you can enjoy the festivities as much as possible for someone who is pregnant.




It does require some planning ahead but if you follow the guide you will be so much happier, start doing these now so you don’t feel stressed and overwhelmed!!






Plan Your Christmas Gifts Ahead of Time


This is a point that I can’t stress enough is how important it is to plan what you are going to buy ahead of time!  This could be having a list of items to get for people or buying gifts during the months before Christmas so you aren’t super stressed the last few weeks before the Holiday.


We all want to be those people that plan ahead and buy gifts throughout the year but most of us never do, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it, make a plan and stick to it. It helps to list out who you are shopping for and ideas of what they would like. You can even get items as you find them when you are out and about which will save you from spending a ton of money all at once.


One or two gifts maximum is a good idea unless you have children then you know how it is, we love to spoil them! Here is a post with the top Christmas gifts for kids if you need ideas!







Bring a friend

Ask a friend to go with you when you go shopping for moral support and gift ideas, plus it’s more fun when you go with someone than doing it alone!




  • Make sure you bring some snacks with you to munch on so you don’t get nauseous and stop for lunch before or in the middle of shopping.
  • Water is a must to bring with you so don’t forget it, you don’t want to get dehydrated while shopping.
  • Have your list of items you want to get or at least a list of ideas in your purse for reference especially when you have those forgetful moments.





Buy Gifts Online

Buy your gifts online if you don’t have the energy to go out, they have everything you could ever want on there so you will always find what you are looking for. They have suggestions of what to get people and the top sellers plus all of the reviews so you know how good the products really are. Best of all you can get black Friday items super cheap on Cyber Monday without having to deal with the crowds (personally I think people are crazy to go out on Black Friday).






Wrap Your Gifts

The next thing you want to do after getting your Christmas gifts is to wrap them so you have one less thing to do for Christmas preparation, just be sure to label them so you don’t get confused later on.


This will help ease the stress of the holidays and all the things you need to get done and you will feel more accomplished.






How To Deal With Christmas Party’s and Dinners

Most of the stress that goes with Christmas is the events and parties and the many activities that go on. You find yourself super busy getting ready for dinners and parties and either hosting them or going to someone else’s house. If you are due any time or close to your due date you probably will want to skip the parties and just go to dinner with family or not go anywhere and who can blame you!




When I was pregnant in December my due date was at the end of the month and I was getting pretty miserable especially working full time as well so we opted to not go anywhere and just stayed home through the holiday and that was just fine with everyone, no one was upset that we didn’t do anything.





In this pregnancy now I’m sure I won’t be up for parties after having the baby or before he is due if you don’t want to do anything like me I’m sure your family will understand. No one can blame you for not feeling up to doing extra stuff when you already feel exhausted and overwhelmed.







The best way to handle Christmas parties is to only go to the ones that are super important especially if you are close to your due date or just plain exhausted, you don’t have to go to every one of them! People will understand unless they don’t know you are pregnant yet then you may have to make an excuse or go to those ones.





  1. Figure out what you will be wearing ahead of time so you don’t get frustrated or end up in tears before you go.  If you don’t have anything to wear make sure to go shopping for it a few weeks beforehand so you aren’t stressing over it at the last minute.
  2. Have mints or crackers in your purse for those times you may get sick or feel it coming on during the party.
  3. Try to take a nap before going so you don’t feel overly tired.
  4. If you are helping with the food make sure to get it ready earlier in the day so all you have to do is grab it and go. Preferably make something easy and also make sure you go shopping for your ingredients ahead of time so all you have to do is put it together. Desserts are a great thing to bring because they are pretty easy to make and you don’t have to warm them up.
  5. For those of you that have other children be sure to have their clothes picked out ahead of time and try to get naps in before going so your life is a bit easier. If they aren’t going because it is only for adults, be sure to get a confirmation with the sitter and have meals planned out ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about it.
  6. Don’t forget your gifts! Make sure you have them by the door so you can grab and go on the way out.



If you are hosting the Christmas party try to organize the food a few weeks ahead of time and have your guests bring food as well so you aren’t stuck doing everything.  Have your spouse or significant other help you with decorations and setting things up or even a good friend, just make sure you have some help.








When it comes to Family Dinners try to have them at your family members houses instead of your own (unless you love to have them then by all means).  You may not have the energy at this point to have a bunch of people over and have to clean and prepare the meal as well.


  • Have your gifts prepared and ready to go by the door.
  • Take a nap beforehand.
  • Plan your Outfit in advance so you don’t feel rushed.
  • Have your kids if you have any ready to go by having naps and getting diaper bags and things packed up so you are ready when it is time to head out.
  • If you are close to your due date bring your hospital bag (with car seat, diaper bag, and your significant others things) with you just encase unless you aren’t traveling too far for dinner.





If you end up having dinner at your house have your children or significant other help you clean and try to keep it neat as possible before family arrives.  In reality, it is almost better to clean little and then clean a lot after everyone leaves, people are just plain messy!




  • Figure out your menu for the dinner and have others bring dishes so you don’t have to make everything, you could provide the main course and drinks making it way easier on you in the long run.
  • Go grocery shopping a week or two in advance so you have everything you need including any decorations you may also want so you aren’t crunched for time.
  • Decorate the day before so you don’t have to rush and do it the day of your dinner.
  • Cook your main dish the night before so all you have to do the day of is warm and serve.
  • Take a nap before everyone arrives and your kids as well if you have any so they aren’t cranky later.



Final Thoughts on Being Pregnant At Christmas Time

You don’t have to do all the parties or go to dinners, especially if you are in your last month of pregnancy and the idea makes you cringe. Stay home and rest, do some quiet family things and avoid all the stress and hubbub of holiday get-togethers.


You are growing a human and it is tiring and your nerves may not be able to handle one more thing at this point. If you don’t feel up to it don’t do it! The most important thing is spending time with your loved ones at home and making sure that you are ready for this newborn to come into the world. 


Everything else can wait! 


Hope this helps you be organized and more prepared so you can enjoy a stress-free holiday this year!


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