Summer pregnancy must haves

Pregnancy Products You Need For A Comfortable Summer

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No matter what trimester you are going into summer can be a challenge during pregnancy! Here are the best pregnancy products and helpful tips to get you through summer being as comfortable as possible.

I will be in my second trimester this summer and even though it is the honeymoon phase of pregnancy it has it’s own set of problems due to the hot temperatures and skin changes along with all the fun changes that occur in your body during pregnancy. I’m going to help you rock your summer pregnancy with ideas and products that I love and use and recommend for all pregnant mommas.



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How To Rock Your Summer Pregnancy With These Must Have Items

Being pregnant is very uncomfortable, add a little bit of heat and sun and it’s not a fun experience! How do you get through the hot months without being completely miserable?  Here are the products and items that I will be using this summer to make it through this pregnancy without having to sit in the air conditioning all summer long.




Stay Hydrated

One of the most important things to do in the warm weather and especially during pregnancy is to stay hydrated at all times. You need to be drinking water and eating fruit like watermelon and other things that have water in them.

I like to add fruit to my water using this awesome fruit infuser water bottle that comes with an insulating sleeve and recipe ebook!! These come in various colors and help you get the water you need each day without making it a chore.




Sun Protection

When you are out in the sun all day or even for a couple of hours it is a great idea to add a pregnancy safe sunscreen to your makeup routine and before going outside even if you are just going to the store.

This is the sunblock that I use and absolutely love, it’s by earth mama and is made especially for pregnant and nursing moms.  It’s super moisturizing and stays on top of your skin rather than being absorbed like most sunscreens, creating a protective layer that is waterproof and nonirritating to your skin.


They make a great sunscreen for babies and kids as well if you are looking for a good one for your children!


For more information on pregnancy safe makeup, you might enjoy reading this article Safe Makeup Brands To Wear During Your Pregnancy


You are going to need a sun hat to protect your scalp and also help keep you cool under the beating hot sun. This is the cutest sun hat and I recommend it to any momma that needs one this summer. These come in all different colors to match any outfit you will be wearing.



Sunglasses are a must to protect your eyes that may already be having a hard time seeing due to pregnancy hormone changes, my eyesight has gotten worse since getting pregnant this time around. These are my favorite sunglasses, they look great on everyone and have 100% UV protection with a special filter that blocks intense reflected light which reduces glare.





Stay Cool

For those hot summer nights that make it hard to sleep this Serta stay cool pillow is going to be your best friend. It moves heat away from your body and stays cool all night long so there is no need to flip your pillow in the middle of the night.



You will also want to purchase a cooling fan like this one that I can’t live without, it’s a handheld battery operated fan with mist. Great for sitting on the beach, going for walks or anything else you do that you need to stay cool. This is a game changer on those super sticky days when you have no breeze and need to cool down.




What To Wear

In order to stay comfortable and cool during the summer but also dress your bump in style here are some must-have pregnancy outfits to get you through the summer in style. I’m a big fan of loose flowy shirts and comfy shorts or capris. These are the go-to items that make me feel good about myself when I feel tired and uncomfortable.


You can find these on Amazon for a great price or go to my favorite online consignment store and get them for a decent price!


Every pregnant momma needs at least one of these shirts in her wardrobe for the days when you are way too tired to figure out what to wear! This is an off the shoulder striped tank top that isn’t form fitting so you can stay cool and comfortable all day long. 


This is one of my favorite camisoles that works after pregnancy for nursing your baby, it’s super soft and comfortable and flowy so you won’t get hot from wearing a shirt that clings to your body. You can dress it up or down so it’s perfect for any occasion and great for fall paired with a sweater.



Every momma needs at least one pair of these super comfy drawstring lounge pants, they come in a variety of colors and patterns and have a wide leg so you stay cool all day long. Great for lounging in or going out and work for every season. I love these pants!



One of my favorite styles to wear that is really flattering on any pregnant mom are these Sleeveless hollow out camis, this style is great for going out or being casual and goes great with shorts or jeans. These come in a variety of colors and you can find them on as well.


A must-have item for summer are these Waist extenders and hooks, you can still wear the shorts or pants you have and be comfortable using these. You don’t have to buy maternity clothes when you can still use the clothes you have and save yourself some money and who doesn’t like that!



These Empire waist dresses are a go-to item when you want to be comfy and look super cute at the same time, perfect for any occasion and great for beating the summer heat. You need at least one of these in your wardrobe for those super hot days.



You are going to want to have a pair or two of these really comfortable Active Capri yoga pants that are really soft and stretchy and work for every stage of pregnancy. You will be comfortable and cool in these all day long, great for casual or active wear and come in different colors to match any wardrobe. 


You can wear almost any kind of capris as long as they have a drawstring, have an elastic band or are made of a stretchy material, you will want them to be made out of cotton for the most part and about 10% Polyester so that you can breathe without sweating to death, no one wants sweat running down their legs. 



My favorite item for summer are these Fit flops that are super comfortable, help with back pain and discomfort and also works your thighs, butt, and calf muscles according to while giving you stability and a cushy sole to walk on. You need these on your summer list!  They come in such a variety of colors and styles that you will find ones that go with every outfit!!



Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Great for making sure you stay hydrated and get delicious tasting water.

Buy it here on Amazon

Earth Mama Sunscreen

perfect for your pregnant momma skin.

Great moisturizer, waterproof and goes on tinted so that you can see places you missed.

Buy it here on Amazon

Lanzom Womens Big Bowknow Straw Hat

Floppy foldable roll-up beach cap UPF 50+

Soft, comfortable, breathable and comes in a variety of colors.

Buy it here on Amazon






Final Thoughts on Summer Pregnancy Must Haves

You don’t have to break the bank in order to be comfortable for summer, keep an eye out for these items at garage sales, and Amazon sales for the best deals on your summer items. Get the basic things you need to start and go from there, adding a few items at a time. You still have plenty of time to get your summer must-haves so don’t feel like you need to get them all at once.



One thing I forgot to mention is bug spray, this is something you definitely need while you are pregnant and for your kiddos, if you have any right now. This is DEET Free and safe for kids and pregnant women, repels mosquitoes, gnats, ticks, fleas and more. You are going to want to get this one right away since spring brings out all the bugs!!


Amerta all natural insect repellent spray and it works for up to six hours.



The first things to get for summer are your sun protection gear, bug spray, and footwear, all the rest you can get later on or try using some of the clothes you already have in your closet.  Make your summer pregnancy as comfortable as possible without all of the stress of being pregnant.




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