Pregnancy Hacks You Need to Know

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Now that I’m on pregnancy number three I can say that I have learned a lot of hacks in each one that really help!  



These are simple things every mom needs to know to help get through pregnancy a little easier. 


If you are starting to struggle with your bump you will want to try these!!


Pregnancy hacks for new moms

Hacks for newly pregnant moms

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During pregnancy, you are going to face all kinds of “body challenges” (as I like to call them) that will make you frustrated.


I don’t want you to get upset about being pregnant like I was with my first one and end up crying because your bra is too tight, your pants don’t fit, you struggle to sleep, and drink enough water, and the list goes on and on.



To avoid all of the frustration here are some amazing hacks to use right away if you need to or as it comes up throughout your pregnancy.


Pants are too tight

When your pants starting getting too tight there are a few things you can do about it.

  • Use hair ties to keep your pants closed until they don’t fit you anymore.
  • Buy a belly band for pregnancy that covers your pants when a hair tie doesn’t work, this is the one I have and love it.

Bra doesn't fit right

When you get to the point where your bra is super tight and makes it hurt to wear go out and get some bra extenders like these.

This is a multi-pack but you can get them in any style you need.

They work really well to give you a few inches more and extend the life of your bra for a bit longer.

Eventually, you will be super uncomfortable in your bra, when this happens I recommend getting yourself a few cute sports bras like these.

They work with any shirt and look like a fancy tank top when they show.

I love how comfortable I feel in them and it makes it a little easier to breathe!! 

Make sure you order it in a bigger size so it fits without being too tight.

Kinesio tape

If you have never heard of this stuff, it is amazing!! Athletes use it on painful spots and anyone with sore back or joints can benefit from it.



For more on how to use the Kinesio, tape is a great source!

This will be a lifesaver during pregnancy especially back pain relief, you can tape your back so that it has more support and alleviate the pain you are having.



For more help with back pain, this article 13 Ways To Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy might be helpful to you.



You can also use this on your abdominal muscles to give them more support and prevent abdominal separation or diastasis recti.



Want to know more about diastasis recti here is a great article that can help! What is Diastasis Recti Postpartum And How To Heal It


You are going to love this tape!!


As your belly grows you are going to want to use this, it will give you the support you need throughout the day and help you sleep better at night.

What pregnant momma doesn’t love that!!

Sleeping comfortable

Sleeping isn’t going to get easier as you progress through your pregnancy.

For more on how to sleep while pregnant here is an article that will help!

In order to make it easier to sleep, invest in a pregnancy pillow for added support and comfort.

This is the one I love!!

Other things you can do especially if you are a stomach sleeper, use an inner tube and lay on it with your belly through the hole.

You will get some back pain relief doing this and might find that sleep is a lot easier.

You can also find pregnancy pillows that have a hole in them that will work the same if you don’t want to spend the money just use the inner tube instead.



maternity clothes

When it comes to maternity clothes you don’t have to spend a fortune!

Get a few tank tops if it’s summertime or long sleeve shirts for winter that are a few sizes bigger and are flowy in the front so you have room to grow.







Yoga pants are going to be your friend in the third trimester due to how comfortable and stretchy they are.


They come in all different styles and colors and you can get Capri ones as well!!



If you have a pair of jeans or shorts that you love and still want to wear, cut out the pockets and sew elastic in its place.


Not only does it look cute but saves you money on maternity pants! For more on how to do this go to

final thoughts on pregnancy hacks

Here are a few more tips I forgot to add, these will help with morning sickness and drinking enough water.

  1. Eat ginger snaps for morning sickness – the ginger helps with nausea so you don’t get sick.
  2. Get a water bottle – you will find it a lot easier to drink out of a cute water bottle then a regular glass. They make some for pregnant women or you can get a fruit infuser one if you don’t like the taste of water!!


These are the hacks that I use and find that they make being pregnant a little more tolerable. 


Pregnancy is hard even for moms that have done it a few times, you will learn throughout your pregnancy what works for you and come up with your own hacks that might help other pregnant moms like you.



If you have any more hacks for pregnancy I would love to hear them, leave a comment below!

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