Postpartum Recovery Essentials Every New Mama Needs

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In your third trimester, you have a super long to-do-list I know but there is one thing you can’t forget and that is your postpartum recovery essentials! You will need these more than you know if your a first-time momma and if you are on baby number two then you know these are things you need in your postpartum care kit.


Giving birth is no easy thing and the aftermath is even worse for a little bit, here is a list of all the essentials you will need to have a more comfortable postpartum. These are listed for both C-section and vaginal births so you will have everything you need right in one place.




Postpartum Must Haves List

Here is your postpartum survival kit with everything you need to have in it in order to have a better recovery. Giving birth is hard on your body afterward in order to help your recovery go a little smoother here are the items you are going to want and need after giving birth. You want to get these items right away so your not scrambling to find them the week your due or have your husband or significant other go hunt for these items after you had the baby.








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Vaginal Birth Essentials

You are going to want to get yourself some numbing spray like this dermoplast spray that will soothe and cool your lady parts because they are going to be really sore and painful, especially right after giving birth.  Also, you will want to get some tucks medicated cooling pads to put on your pads for extra soothing comfort these are going to be a must! You are going to want a Frida Momwasher for cleansing after bathroom breaks, this is the best invention ever and so many moms agree this washer is a lifesaver.


Faster Healing Tips

For faster healing, you need to get this wonderful post-partum stitches oil that works for both vaginal and cesarean birth, and let me tell you it works really well at soothing tight skin from c sections and those stitches after an episiotomy or tearing and soreness. It soothes and refreshes your skin with no need to rub or massage it in. What I love is the natural ingredients that are in it and the wonderful refreshing smell, which helps when you are feeling really icky.




Another item you will want is Epsom salts for a sitz bath along with some lavender spray to help speed along with your healing and give you some comfort from the pain and yuckiness! I’m sorry I know recovering after birth is really uncomfortable and the blood there is so much blood honestly I didn’t think anyone could bleed so much without dying. So yes you need a sitz bath to help speed the process along and not be feeling so uncomfortable the whole way through.




There is a great Organic Herbal Sitz Bath that works really well if you don’t want to get the Epsom salts and lavender oil, this has everything you need right in it and you can use the pads as a compress either hot or cold for some extra pain relief and comfort. It is a special blend of herbs that help promote healing, pain relief and reduce swelling and they are also safe for breastfeeding and pregnant mommas as well. Best stuff out there!!!




Get yourself a few cold packs like these VagiKool reusable flexible feminine cold packs that come with a sleeve to put them in that can be washed or thrown away. These are the best for pain and itch relief.  They go really well with these postpartum leakproof underwear by Innersy, these are specifically made for women on their periods and also postpartum recovery and have a loose fit and can absorb liquid and blood so you don’t have to worry about staining your clothing or sheets. They are great for added comfort and protection so you have one less thing to worry about postpartum!


Postpartum essentials



Belly Wrap

You need a good Belly wrap as well if you don’t get one you will end up suffering in the long run so get one, please! I didn’t use one with my first and it caused problems with my second baby years later so please get one and use it during the day, it helps so much. This is one I recommend Azmed 3 in 1 it is breathable and light and helps to tighten your belly and strengthen your core in a gentle manner, it is the best!!





Postpartum Pads For Bleeding

A good overnight pad is going to be a must in your postpartum survival kit!  The ones I used for a few months (yes I said months because the bleeding goes on forever, I’m sorry TMI but it’s the truth) are Always Ultra Thin heavy overnight pads (I don’t have a link to them here because honestly, they will be cheaper for you to buy at the grocery store or pharmacy) these are the best maxi pads for postpartum and aren’t thick and bulky.   Make sure to buy a few of these since you don’t want to have to run out and get them later.



If you hate the thought of wearing pads and want something super comfortable and leakproof try the Always Discreet Boutique Underwear, these are the best and most comfortable disposable underwear you will ever get! Make sure to buy a few packs so you don’t run out.



Breastfeeding And Pumping

Nursing pads are going to be something you need to get as well because your milk is going to leak out especially when your baby starts crying or anyone’s for that matter so they are needed right away. My favorite ones I swear by are the Bamboobies Nursing Pads because of how soft they were on my sore nipples and how much they absorb.




Other nursing pads I tried were ruff and made a sound when I moved, also you could see them through my shirt so that was going to happen. These pads are amazing and I can’t say enough good things about them!


Lastly, you need to get yourself a good hemorrhoid cream (these are really cheap at the pharmacy) and stool softener because unfortunately you are going to be constipated due to all your organs being shoved up on top of your baby bump and your body needs time to regulate your digestive system. I like Senokot-S because it is a natural stool softener with vegetable laxative ingredients so it’s gentler than a lot of the others. Works really well without the cramping feeling and extra pain on top of the cramps you will have.



Tylenol and Motrin are going to be your friend for a little while to help ease the pain and swelling and make things more tolerable!




C Section Must Haves

I am going to repeat a few items from the last section so I apologize if you see the same items listed in here twice but I wanted to make this easier for someone that knows they are having a c section to be able to find what they are looking for.  Here are the items you must have in your postpartum survival kit when you know you are having a c section and also if you are trying for a VBAC but are unsure if you will be successful.




Incision Care

You are going to want the Postpartum stitches oil which is such a great healing spray that you don’t have to rub in and it also aids in the healing process to help you heal much faster and not be so sore. One of the big downsides to having a c section is how sensitive your stitches and wound area will be for a few weeks, this spray is going to help you not feel so itchy and tight and help relieve some pain. It’s a must-have item!



Another must-have item for a great postpartum recovery is the C Panty by UpSpring, I loved these and used them for the first few months and they worked really well supporting my belly and helping in the healing process. A big plus side to them is that they help shrink your uterus and have a soft silicone that helps heal your scar and prevent itching and redness (your scar will start to dry out and peel and be super itchy).





Postpartum Bleeding

You will also need the Always Discreet Boutique postpartum underwear for those days when you are bleeding a ton and also at night for added protection against leaks from blood and incontinence. They give you one less thing to worry about during your recovery and that is something every mommy during this time.



Having a good pad for postpartum bleeding is also something you will want on your list, the best maxi pads for postpartum are the Always Ultra Thin Heavy Overnight Padsyou can find these really cheap at a Walgreens or local pharmacy.  I like how they are thin and super absorbent unlike some of the others that feel like a diaper, especially when you will be uncomfortable anyway.






Belly Wrap For Abdominal Support

A good Belly wrap is going to be your best friend for a few months, the one I love is Azmed 3 in 1 because it is breathable, supports your core, and helps strengthen it, also it helps those muscles grow back together correctly.  This cannot be something you skimp on for any reason or you will have problems later on. If you want to know more about this I have a post about Mommy Tummy.









Constipation Help

Hemorrhoid cream is something you need on your list as well along with a good stool softener like this one that is all-natural and made from vegetables so it won’t hurt your digestive system and cause unneeded pain and cramping. It’s called Senokot-S and I love this stuff so much!




Best Nursing Pads

You are going to need nursing pads and the ones I found that work the best and are super comfortable unlike a lot of the others are Bamboobies they are soft and hide well in your bra without showing through your shirt which is a big plus when it comes to nursing pads! You will love these as I do.




Taking Medication For Pain

Take the medication the doctor gives you and make sure you take it when they tell you to so you get the best pain control possible! This is my best advice when it comes to not being in pain all the time.

For the first few days and maybe weeks you will want to take your pain pills on a regular schedule so that you aren’t in horrible pain, this will make it more tolerable and help you be more comfortable while healing.





Vitamins And Nutrition

Vitamins are a must and you should make sure to take them well before you go into labor so you can have a faster recovery and heal more efficiently. You should ask your doctor for prenatal vitamins to take for a while afterward so that you stay healthy and get the nutrients you need especially if you are breastfeeding.





Staying Clean

Peri bottle is essential for keeping clean when you don’t have a chance to shower, they are super cheap to buy or you can take the one at the hospital they give you. This is a life savor when it comes to staying clean and feeling fresh.


Trust me you are going to feel gross for the first few days to weeks and this helps a ton!


References: Recovery After C Section

Make sure to pack all of these essentials in your hospital bag as well because you will want them at the hospital for the couple of days you are there!





Postpartum Essentials Conclusion

The key to having a more comfortable postpartum is to be prepared as much as possible, sometimes this doesn’t work as well as you would like but at least you will have most of what you need and you can get the others either at the hospital or on the way home. Your hubby might go get them for you as well or you can get a service like shipt to deliver your items, even target delivers the same day now so that is an option too.


Take it slow, don’t be to hard on yourself, and try to make the best of your postpartum, you got this momma!


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