obstacles to success

How To Overcome Obstacles To Success

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Life never goes how we want it to everything has some kind of challenge whether it is having a baby, dating, marriage, raising kids, starting a project or business. These all have obstacles to success and when you keep plugging away you will get there and it will be so worth it.




I wrote this to encourage you as a blogger and help you get past those obstacles so that you can reach the success that you are striving for. I have some tips and tricks on what to do and useful resources to help you on your way.




I have a confession to make, whenever anything gets too hard my first reaction in my head is to quit. “It’s too hard, nothing will work ugh” maybe you feel like that too but we don’t end up quitting we just push through it.





I won’t lie blogging is hard and you will have many times that you want to quit and you will have comments from haters that make you feel like crap (when you get a hate email or comment celebrate because you are on the right path now!!




You can’t please everyone and you will always have haters), blogging isn’t for everyone but if you want to do it you have to learn to let comments roll off you and face the downs as a learning experience.



You are going to have the voice in your head that says “it’s too hard you will never make it”, “no one will read your blog”, “you will just fail and waste your time”, ignore that voice, “be strong and push on”. Lol, that is catchy!



Sometimes we need to step back and look at it, breathe for a minute and figure out a plan. Obstacles are there to teach us something and help us grow without them we would stay the same and not know the real feeling of success.



 obstacles to success

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Overcoming Blogging Obstacles

One of my favorite phrases and I don’t know who even said it except for me most of my life “if it’s worth something your going to have to fight for it”.You can never measure success without failure and when your down you dust yourself off and try again. Success wouldn’t be sweet if you didn’t know what it felt like to fail and that is what helps us build our blogs up more by knowing what doesn’t work.





Blogging is a challenge and if you want to be successful you need strategy and a plan. Yes you will read that most bloggers never make it and that may be true but those bloggers probably gave up because they didn’t know how to get there and had no help or they simply let the voice of failure in their head win. They needed a plan and a path to follow and a try, try again spirit.






You also need a support system!! If you haven’t joined any Facebook groups I highly recommend that you do that. It helps to know others struggle as you do and to share any success you have with people that understand.  You aren’t alone in the battle and everyone in it with you is so willing to help any way they can!!



You can ask questions and get them answered quickly which is nice to have advice and knowledge from those that have been there.




If you are a blogger and you are struggling right now don’t give up, if you need traffic research on how to get more. If it’s email subscribers look at an opt-in that fits with your niche and blog posts maybe you just need to change the placement of it. There is a way to get through this, step back analyze the situation and form a plan.






I recently had a big obstacle happen with my blog and it has made things super hard to accomplish but I am still plugging away! My laptop quit out of the blue and we can’t spend a lot of money on one right now so I have to use my tablet and phone to write blog posts, emails, manually pin, write an ebook and create pins.




Truthfully it’s awful I can’t lie! But I also didn’t throw in the towel, my blog traffic has been soaring and manually pinning has been great so I can’t quit now. Just making the best of it for the moment. We will probably get a new computer in a few weeks but until then I keep on plugging away.




In order to overcome the obstacle, you need to figure out what it is and what you can do to fix it. Not rocket science right!

  • Research: Search online or in books for solutions that will help with your problem
  • Courses: If you are struggling with how to set up your blog and get things going you may want to invest in a course like Blog By Number that walks you through step by step so you won’t be wasting so much time figuring it out.
  • Reach Out: Talk to other bloggers maybe they had the same or similar problem and can lead you in the right direction.


These are obstacles to success that we have to go through to get where we need to be. If my laptop still worked my momentum may have slowed down, I may not have started an ebook and be pushing through like I am.





If you never had a challenge then nothing would be that valuable to us, by going through these obstacles it makes us stronger and more capable of handling bigger things that come our way.




Don’t forget to take baby steps, blogging isn’t about speed it is about providing immense value to your reader so you don’t want to rush through things and make it cheap. I can’t tell you how many blog posts I have read that was obviously thrown together and didn’t give me any insight into what I was looking for.



Very frustrating to any reader so research your subjects and make everything valuable so that your readers love it.





Blog Traffic Is Low

Look at where your traffic comes from on analytics, is it from Facebook, Google, Pinterest, or Twitter whichever it may be up your game Pin more, join more group boards, tweet more times a day or write better blog posts! Sometimes you just aren’t putting everything into your posts and it isn’t bringing traffic to your blog so go back and add to your posts make sure they have great information.




You may need to tweak some things on your blog to get traffic especially images! Images are a big reason why anyone will click on your posts so make sure they have easy to read fonts and really show what the post is about. You want them to make your reader want to read them just by seeing the image.









Finding The Time To Blog

This is a big obstacle for moms, you have a million things to do each day and little time to do them so how can you have a blog too?




The biggest way to overcome this obstacle is to make a daily or weekly plan for yourself. Have a schedule that you follow and also have your blog plan written down so that you know what to do each day that you have some time. That is why I loved taking the blog by number course because I could do tasks in 10 minutes to help my blog and not spend hours doing things that would never work.




I have a resource library set up just for mom’s that need to get organized and want checklists and other helpful things you can sign up for free here:


resource library




Finding the time to blog is a big obstacle for many busy bloggers men and women but like I said it is just in your planning and finding ten or twenty minutes to work here or there that will keep things rolling.




Feeling Burned Out

This can happen to anyone and usually does to every blogger at least once if not a few more then that but it is how you handle it that makes or breaks you.




You can decide to quit then and there or you can push forward and figure out how to lighten the load. Making a plan for your blog will help keep you from burning out because you know what you need to focus on first and can see your progress as you go.




If you start to feel burned out lighten the tasks you have to do by outsourcing them to a VA if possible or take a day or two off and come back to those tasks with a fresh mind.




I think this is the critical point in blogging when you hear that most bloggers don’t make it, they think it will be easy and they can make money right away, go into it super fast doing everything at once and burn out like a rocket or they have been doing this for a long time and other life issues burn them out and they decide to come back when things are a bit better.






Opt-in Isn’t Working

The key to getting an opt-in to work is to figure out who your audience is and how you can serve them. If one opt-in doesn’t work try something else until it does.




What does your audience struggle with and how can you help them overcome this, you need to find valuable information to bring to them to help solve the problem for them. If your opt-in doesn’t do this you won’t get any signups for your freebies.




Create an Avatar of your audience member you are writing to and look deep into what they think about, what career they have, kids, married or not, what problems they may be facing and go from there. Once you have this down your opt-in will be better and you will know what to write posts about.





You may also be making the mistake of not offering your freebie in the posts that fit them or pinning them to Pinterest as well these two things are a big reason why some bloggers have little subscriber success.



Also, what is your image for it? Do you have a picture of the freebie if not you need one!  Hopefully, these tips will help you out.





In Conclusion, When Faced With an Obstacle How Will You Reach Success?

These are the two different kinds of bloggers in my opinion. You are either a sinker or you are a swimmer and you do so as your life depended on it and you do it with a well thought out approach and plan to make it happen.  Which kind are you?




Blogging isn’t for the faint of heart it takes perseverance and sleepless nights and lots of hard work but as you plug away you won’t have to spend as much time on it and it becomes a well-oiled machine.



If you keep at it you will get there just keep moving like in the movie Finding Nemo “just keep swimming” and don’t let obstacles trip you up and waste valuable time.  Move onto something else if possible and come back to it.





There is always a way to get past the obstacle you just have to find it and keep on working, the best bloggers out there never gave up and didn’t let the downs keep them down. You can do this just like they did!  Don’t forget to sign up for my free mom resources and get yourself organized and ready to move past those obstacles.





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