Lightning Crotch In Pregnancy

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If you are reading this then you are probably experiencing some kind of pain in your vagina, rectum or pelvis. This is called lightning crotch that occurs while you are pregnant.

You may experience this jolt of pain near the end of your pregnancy, it is nothing to worry about and happens to a lot of moms.

I am going to cover what it is, what causes it, what it means and how to relieve it if this happens or is happening to you.

What Is Lightning Crotch

It is a sudden sharp pain, jolt or strong jab, that could be like a burning sensation, pins, and needles or stinging.

According to medical news today “this pain can come on suddenly and stop someone in their tracks.”

Lightning crotch doesn’t affect every pregnant woman, I can say in both of my pregnancies I never felt this but I might in my pregnancy now. 

what causes it

Doctors aren’t sure exactly why some women experience this and others don’t.

Here are factors that could lead to lightning crotch.

Pressure And Position Of Baby

As your baby gets closer to the birth canal it may put pressure on certain nerves around your pelvis with their head.



Yes, this means you are closer to giving birth but you may have these symptoms for weeks before labor actually occurs (sad face).



For more on what symptoms happen to let you know labor is near this article may help.


Another thing that factors in is the amount of pressure your babies head is putting on your cervix causing you to feel these pains.


Baby Movement

Your baby kicking, stretching, turning during the end of your pregnancy may also cause sudden, sharp pain in your pelvis, vagina, or rectum.


This isn’t a topic talked about by most pregnant women but it is a very uncomfortable experience, to say the least.


I have had sudden pain here or there, sometimes it feels like a foot is trying to come out of my vagina (TMI) but it is very normal.



As your baby grows they have more force and you can feel very uncomfortable at times.

Round ligament pain

The ligaments that support and hold your uterus in place will stretch and become thinner as your baby grows.


This can also cause sudden sharp pain if you get up to fast, cough or sneeze or move just the right way.


It hurts a lot and feels like you pulled or tore something on the inside, a little FYI when you go to sneeze or cough curl yourself up a bit so that it doesn’t pull.


Also, slow your movements when you roll or go to sit or stand up.




Cause Unrelated to pregnancy

Here are a few things that could cause this kind of pain that has nothing to do with being pregnant.

  1. Endometriosis
  2. Ruptured Cyst
  3. Bladder Infection


These three things can cause sharp stinging pain in your vagina and pelvic region.


If you are pregnant with a UTI you need to seek medical assistance right away as it can lead to other problems during pregnancy.

Women in pain during pregnancy

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Can you prevent lightning crotch

Sadly the answer is no!! I wish I had better news for you on this but they haven’t found anything to prevent it from happening.


Read on for help on what to do if you have lightning crotch because you can try a few things for relief thankfully.

How to releive it

Even though you can’t prevent it from happening you definitely can try a few things to find relief.


Here are some things to try if you start experiencing lightning crotch.

Wear a belly support belt

Belly bands are great for joint and round ligament pain and help alleviate some of the pain you can have in your second and third trimester.


You may find that wearing one of these helps reduce or eliminate lightning crotch pain.


I recommend getting one just for the overall support it gives to your uterus and back. This is the one I use and love!





Be aware that overuse of a belly band can cause muscles to stop working and become weaker over time.

Only wear your band for two to three hours at a time to keep them from becoming overly dependent.


Always consult your doctor before using one to make sure that it is okay for you to use one.




Change your postition

Sometimes standing up or switching to a sitting position can help with the pain. 


If your baby is pushing on a nerve this will help to shift them and take the pressure off.

Warm Bath

A warm bath with some Epsom salts can help alleviate muscle pain, stress, and other pregnancy-related symptoms.


I love using these Epsom salts, they are the best in my opinion and help you sleep at night.

Prenatal Massage

Sometimes a message can help with lightning pain during pregnancy.

It will help you relax and eliminate some of the stress you are feeling along with aches and pains.


Make sure they are licensed to do a massage on pregnant women before getting one!

Final Thoughts on lightning crotch in pregnancy

Always talk to your doctor about symptoms you are having. If you start experiencing lightning crotch during your pregnancy let them know.


An important thing to remember is any cramping or lightning symptoms followed by heavy bleeding, lower back pain, nausea, or fever contact your doctor.


The symptoms of lightning crotch are brief and uncomfortable, they shouldn’t be severe or last a long time.


For more on danger signs during pregnancy read this article.



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