Get Through The Miserable Last Weeks Of Pregnancy

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You are finally in the last few weeks of pregnancy and it’s miserable for you. Here are some great tips for surviving these long weeks at the end of your pregnancy.


I know exactly how you feel because I am 37 weeks right now and suffering like you are. 


This is my third pregnancy and after being pregnant so many times you find ways to be less miserable in this last month of pregnancy.



I want to share these with you so that you can get through this most difficult time before the baby arrives without having a meltdown because you are so over being pregnant.

Easy Ways to get through the last month of pregnancy

Every pregnancy is different, some go by faster than others. The first pregnancy I had a hard time after 32 weeks, it was so uncomfortable and I wasn’t sure how much more I could take.



Long story short she arrived at 36 weeks due to having the cord around her neck and being in distress.

I didn’t have the chance to be bored or sit waiting for labor to start, my second I went all the way to his due date working on the day he was due and had him the day after on my day off.



Time went by super slow on the weekends and I didn’t have a whole lot planned then.



This pregnancy I am off work early due to our baby not growing and my husband wanted me to have less stress to take care of myself and give our baby the best chance possible.



I have found great ways to get through this miserable time momma with all of the abdominal pressure, having to pee all the time, always being hungry, heartburn and being tired after I do two or three things.



Here are these great tips that I hope will help you get through this pregnancy and make the time go faster.

1. Find ways to stay busy

Don’t clear your calendar of things to do rather fill it up, get last minute shopping done (things you still need for baby, yourself and household items to stock up on after baby ), go out with friends and keep busy.


If you didn’t get everything on your list for baby make sure that you get those before you run out of time.

2. Pamper Yourself

Make time in your busy schedule to get some much needed pampering, I know you probably have back pain like I do and booking a massage would be a great idea!


Don’t forget to buy some cute things for you after the baby, something comfy that makes you happy like a new outfit.


Go get a haircut! One that is adorable and easy to maintain so that after you have your baby you will still feel great about yourself not to mention feeling a bit better as you pass the time carrying this baby.

3. Try to have a sense of humor

Not easy to do I hear you, but it will do you some good if you can change how you think about being pregnant at this point and try to understand that your baby will come out when it’s time.


No pushing or formulas or anything else is going to make the baby come any sooner than they want to so don’t make yourself miserable trying.


Find ways to have fun being pregnant, make jokes with your husband or significant other. Come up with something to say to nosey people that ask you annoying questions about your pregnancy.


Laugh when your baby kicks at the sink when you are doing dishes or trying to make food on the counter.


You won’t be pregnant forever so try to enjoy the last few weeks before you aren’t anymore.

4. Clean and organize your house

Spend time cleaning out closets and cupboards and anything else that needs to be scrubbed that hasn’t been done in a while.


This is a great way to pass the time and you will feel better having a clean and organized home.

5. Spend Quality time with your husband or significant other

Go out for dinner or to a movie with your other half, make the most of the time you have together right now because it will be hard to spend time after the baby arrives.


Order in pizza or have your favorite snacks in a spread and snuggle on the couch watching a favorite movie or tv series.

6. Take photos of your belly

Don’t forget to take last minute photos of your growing belly so that you can put them in your baby book.


You can even make a belly cast, this is a fun activity to do with your SO and children (if you have any). Great lasting memory!!



7. Eat Your favorite foods

Indulge in some of those favorite foods you are craving right now. If you want pizza, eat it, a certain kind of pie or ice cream go ahead and get some.



It’s okay to eat some of those delicious foods you want, make sure you don’t overindulge but definitely let yourself have some of them.



If you have gestational diabetes just make sure you eat them in small portions along with your meal!


You don’t want to gain 20lbs but it’s okay to eat what you want in moderation.

8. Sleep as much as you can

Easier said than done I know, getting comfortable is a problem in the last month!


If you need some tips on how to sleep you may want to read this article: How To Sleep When Your Pregnant



Take naps on the couch when you feel tired unless you have other children then it is a lot harder to do. My three year old doesn’t let me rest at all so I know how it is!!



9. Put together freezer meals

If you haven’t done this already make a plan for freezer meals and start cooking them up.


Go to the dollar store and get foil pans so it is easier to portion them out and throw them in the freezer for after you have the baby.


You can also do this by making a double batch of meals you are having for dinner and freezing one of them (less stressful way of doing this unless you are up for making freezer meals all at once).

Final thoughts on getting through the miserable last weeks of pregnancy

Remember that you won’t be pregnant forever even though you feel stretched to the max and can’t even see your feet or move without difficulty this to shall pass.


Your little one will be here soon, enjoy the time you have left and try not to be in a grumpy mood!



I know all too well how grumpy you can get because everything hurts and you feel miserable, you are almost there momma you got this!!



I’m writing this right now and feeling super uncomfortable with a baby head between my legs and having to take a break every 10 minutes to pee!!


Being pregnant at the end is no joke I know, we were made to do this and be strong both physically and mentally. Can you imagine what it would be like if men went through this?!



You are so close momma, hang in there and stay busy!


If you have any more tips to add I would love to hear them and don’t forget to pin this post for reference!!

Getting through last weeks of pregnancy

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