Intrauterine Growth Restriction Symptoms And Dealing With The Diagnoses

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Pregnancy is supposed to be beautiful and miraculous but what happens when you get the news that you have intrauterine growth restriction symptoms?



Your heart sinks and you are freaked out that you may lose your baby because they aren’t growing as they should, a million thoughts go through your head and you can’t stop crying.



If you are going through this right now I feel your pain, your fear and I get how upsetting it is!!



If I could hug you right now I would because this is one of the scariest things to go through. I’m sure there are other diagnoses that are scary as well not to downplay those.



You feel helpless, you will cry a lot and be freaked out that you may never hold your baby. Nothing prepares someone for news like this.

Intrauterine Growth Restriction Symptoms

In my last pregnancy, my surprise baby and number 3 not to long ago (he is 5 months now). I found out I had gestational diabetes in my third trimester.



If you have had gestational diabetes you know they keep an eye on your sugar levels and do a lot of ultrasounds to make sure your baby isn’t getting to big.



I had the opposite problem and after my second growth scan they figured out that our little man wasn’t growing as he should. He was measuring small and it was concerning.



Nothing prepares you for the news that your baby isn’t growing right. It’s like a hammer in your heart and you can’t think straight.



I found out in my ultrasound before seeing my doctor that same day and I couldn’t keep the tears back. I couldn’t breathe and they just flowed down my cheeks.



So what are the symptoms of intrauterine growth restriction?

  • Fundal height does not fit the gestational age
  • Measurements during an ultrasound are smaller than what they should be
  • Doppler ultrasound is abnormal
  • Your belly measurement is a few weeks behind
IUGR prognosis

What Causes Fetal Growth Restriction

Here are some things that factor into this occurring or increase the risk of getting it.


I am not sharing this to make you feel guilty, sometimes it just happens so please don’t blame yourself momma.



  1. Maternal weight loss
  2. Poor nutrition
  3. Birth defect or chromosomal abnormalities
  4. Hypertension caused by pregnancy
  5. Placenta abnormalities- not being big enough to provide enough nutrition
  6. Umbilical cord abnormalities- not enough oxygen or blood flow to the baby
  7. Multiple pregnancies
  8. Gestational diabetes
  9. Low amniotic fluid


Anyone of these things could cause your baby to have this, it doesn’t make it your fault and you couldn’t do anything to avoid it.



You could eat the best food during your pregnancy, exercise, and stay healthy and still get this so don’t think that somehow you could have avoided it.



If you never had any problems with your last pregnancies but have a problem with this one it could just be that your babies are small and it’s normal but no one kept an eye on it because you weren’t high risk at the time.



It could be many things that cause this, stay strong, pray, and talk to your husband and friends so that you aren’t stuck in your head. 



It’s okay to be upset and cry about it, it’s a scary thing!

How is intrauterine growth restriction treated

Here is what to expect after getting an IUGR prognosis, I hope this helps you not be as frightened and give you some peace of mind.



Your doctor will have you do 2 nonstress tests a week along with ultrasound once a week to see how the baby is doing.


The nonstress tests measure your baby’s heart rate and check for changes in movement.


You will also see your doctor every week and go over how things are going.



A growth scan ultrasound will be done once a month to see if anything changed with your baby’s growth (it can only be done once a month because the baby won’t show a significant change in growth before that).





Final Thoughts On Intrauterine Growth Restriction Symptoms

You will get through this momma, stay strong, pray a lot and do as your doctor tells you.



If you feel at any time that something isn’t right call your doctor and go in!


You may want to read this article: Danger Signs During Pregnancy That You Need To Know


Follow your gut, don’t pass it off as you being paranoid.


Remember that no days they can do so many things for babies if they are born early.


You may end up with your baby sooner than you planned so just make sure you have things prepared ahead of time.

Keep in mind even if they say your baby will be small, it doesn’t mean they won’t grow quickly after birth.

My son was bigger than my other two children even though he was born at 37 weeks. He gained back his birth weight within two days and was above the 10th percentile by his one month appointment.

Nothing is set in stone!

You will feel a ton better once you have your baby in your arms, all the worry and fear will go away and you will cherish that sweet little baby.

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