How to hide your pregnancy

How to Hide Your Pregnancy Without Anyone Noticing

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Did you just find out that you’re pregnant recently? If you are like most women when they first find out, you want to share the news but also don’t for your own reasons. Here is how to hide your pregnancy during your first trimester and into the second from a mom who hid hers for five months.





I’m going to share with you my best tips and tricks on how to hide your pregnancy belly until you want to announce the news to friends, at work, and even those family members that would blab to the world lol yes we all have a few of those!





Here is an article that walks you through your whole pregnancy and postpartum Pregnancy Tips For First Time Mom’s | Your Ultimate Pregnancy Guide that you may want to read!





Finding out that your pregnant is such an exciting time, you want to shout it to the world but if you have had any miscarriages before or even a high-risk pregnancy you know not to go around telling people other then a super close friend (you always need someone to be there in case the unthinkable happens ), if it’s your first time being pregnant you may not want to share until you reach your second trimester just to be safe.




This is one of the only times that you have amazing news and can’t get excited over it to much for fear it may not work out, and then you have to tell everyone what happened which would be just awful. For more on when you should announce your pregnancy and a good timeline for it here is an article you may want to read When To Announce Pregnancy




Here is what I did when I hid my pregnancy for the first five months from coworkers and my boss at work, I had just started working their and I didn’t want to be let go because I was pregnant so I hid it for months until I got hired in and then told my boss.




I did what I had to do to get through it, the money was good along with the benefits and we were having a baby so we needed all the help we could get! I will talk more on this in a few minutes, let’s focus on how to keep your pregnancy a secret in the first trimester.







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How to Keep Your Pregnancy Secret in the First Trimester

First of all, you are going to have to mask your symptoms or be able to keep them under wraps for a few months so getting this part down is half the battle. If they see you acting pregnant they will figure it out pretty quickly.




Morning Sickness


  1. Ginger – It really works well for symptoms, you can drink it in soda form, tea, or lollipops if you get it really bad in the morning make yourself some tea and have it in your coffee cup no one will know it’s not coffee. You can also drink it in soda form at lunch if you tend to feel nauseous before or during lunchtime.


2. Mint – Drinking mint tea will help as well or even sucking on mints or using hand lotion to keep you from getting sick from certain smells. I used this Aromatherapy inhaler that helped ease my stomach and also headaches, keep it in your pocket and pull it out when you need it.


3. Snack – Have a snack handy in between meals so that you don’t get that pit in your stomach, you can have a protein bar or some crackers, I always ate goldfish crackers in between breakfast and lunch along with a protein bar before starting work.


For more on morning sickness and nausea, you may want to read this article on how to deal with morning sickness that has more tips and tricks to keep it secret and feel better.


How to hide pregnancy at work






Being extremely tired is going to be hard to cover but if anyone asks, tell them that you couldn’t sleep last night because of your husband snoring or your super loud neighbors, think of something to tell them.  A really good one is saying that you found out you have low iron and it makes you tired all the time!


The cure for being exhausted is this amazing pink stork mist that will help you sleep better, ease nausea and give you more energy while keeping you calm and relaxed. You have to try it, this is a game changer here.











Hiding Your Baby Bump

This is how I hid my baby bump for so long without anyone noticing until one day a new employee at work busted me out and I told my boss right after that before she found out through the grapevine, I was five months along so it was getting harder to hide my pregnancy since it was my second one and I showed a bit faster this time.




These tips will keep you covered for at least your first trimester and early second depending on the size of your baby bump, just remember to do these couple of things with your wardrobe and you will be fine. You may want to read this article on When Do You Start to Show During Pregnancy




Layers are your friend, I always used long tank tops and shirts that came down to my thicks and had a slightly bigger shirt on top of that so that it flowed out and didn’t form tight to my belly. You can buy super cute maternity clothes at and you get them in a week at a very affordable price. I love shopping there for baby clothes as well!!!





Black is going to help you out the most on the bottom layer, it is slimming and will help cover up your bump as long as you use a long shirt or tank top for this.




You can also try busy patterns that will keep the eye from seeing a bump drawing the attention only to the pattern, this works good for dresses or shirts and depending on the size of your bump you could throw a layer under the shirt to keep your bases covered if you were to reach up and show your belly.





Tunic tops work great for hiding your pregnant belly along with wearing bold colors, flowy shirts, and loose t-shirts.









Hiding your Pregnancy on Holidays

During holidays when you have to go to party’s and everyone expects you to drink, that is if you did this normally, there are a few things you can do to hide the fact that you aren’t drinking.




If the party is held somewhere with a bartender make sure you go early so that you can ask the bartender to make you virgin drinks and let them know your situation, that way your friends will never catch on to the fact that you aren’t drinking.


This works well for going out for drinks with friends!





Party’s at someone’s house are going to be a little trickier, you can either tell them that you are on a weight loss program and trying not to drink or you can bring your own drink in your purse and have your husband pour it or pour it when no one is looking.




You could also take an actual drink and walk around with it, pouring some out in the bathroom and act like you are drinking normally. No one will know because they probably aren’t paying to much attention to how many drinks you have had.







Final Thoughts on How to Hide your Pregnancy

Hiding the fact that you are pregnant isn’t fun but if you really need to do it follow these tips and no one will know that you are carrying precious cargo.  There does come a point when you can no longer hide the fact that you have a baby bump, you do need to think about how you are going to tell people and try to do it before someone calls you out.



For more on when to share the news, you may like this article: When To Announce Pregnancy


I got called out by a coworker, she was a lot older and new at work, out of the blue one morning she said, “when is your baby due”! I freaked out inside but responded December 30 and everyone in the room gasp, they all thought I was getting fat and had no clue I was five months pregnant lol. Then I had to tell my boss before she found out from someone else!


Don’t be me, not an ideal situation.




Make your plan on hiding your pregnancy and then have a plan for telling people and a timeline for doing so before they figure it out!




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  2. thank you for sharing!

    I found out I was pregnant the week before I started my new job. I had worked so hard to get it and I didn’t want this to be the reason and I didn’t and I want them to get to know me before they think of me as just the pregnant new girl.

    Did you find it hard telling your employer and how did they take the news?


    1. Hi Claire
      I’m so glad this article helped you!
      Starting a new job and finding out you are pregnant is very hard and I totally understand not wanting to be just the pregnant new girl.
      I did find it hard to tell my employer and they weren’t very happy about it but also it was not a great place to work due to the harassment from my supervisor so that is probably not going
      to be how it would go for you. What I can say is you probably don’t want to wait as long as I did to tell them, maybe after your 90 days or a little before that would be best.
      Hopefully, this helps!

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