How to Get Pregnant Fast| Expert Tips and Tricks That Work

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Getting pregnant is one of the most amazing things a women’s body can do in my opinion, we do so many things but conceiving a child is really a miracle! If you want to get pregnant right now your probably wondering how you can get pregnant fast like on the first try or close to. Here are some tips to help you get pregnant quickly!




Some women are more fertile than others and get pregnant just by thinking about it lol, not really but it seems like it sometimes! For real though there are a few steps to be taken and factors to keep in mind such as being off birth control for a few months, what time you ovulate, quitting smoking, exercise, and your diet.





Not to say you can’t get pregnant by just flat out trying but if you want to get pregnant fast these do matter!

How to get pregnant fast


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Steps to Take to Get Pregnant Fast

Once you have decided that it’s the right time to get pregnant here are the steps to follow to conceive faster and get that positive pregnancy test that you are anxiously waiting for! I have also included steps for conceiving a boy and a girl if you are hoping for one or the other, they could be old wives tales but worth a try if you really want to get pregnant with one or the other.


  1. Stop The Birth Control

Getting pregnant after using birth control can be tricky sometimes depending on what kind it was and how long you were on it, if you start getting regular periods after coming off the birth control then you are most likely well on your way back to naturally ovulating. Some women this can take a few months to a year, it all depends on your body and eating a balanced diet.




In order to get pregnant, you need your body to ovulate taking oral contraception can keep that from happening for a few months but has no future fertility effects, says co-author Elizabeth Hatch,  BUSPH professor of epidemiology.




Ovulation if you aren’t sure is when your ovary releases an egg that is able to be fertilized if this does not occur, your body sheds the lining of the uterus and causes you to have a period.




IUD removal

If you have an IUD you are still ovulating just not getting your period so it will take less time to get pregnant then those that are on oral contraceptives. How it prevents pregnancy is by inflaming your uterus and causing a thick barrier of mucus to form keeping the sperm out.  The process of having it removed by your doctor is a string they pull but unsure of the pain level. Researching how it prevents pregnancy makes it sound painful if so I’m so sorry!







2. Eat A Healthy Diet

You can start by taking prenatal pills and eating a well-balanced diet, so yes this means the food pyramid we all learned about when we were younger. Whole grains, dairy, meats, vegetables, and fruits plus nuts.  Basically, watch what you eat and don’t eat heavy starchy food or a ton of processed or junk food just be aware of what is going into your body.





Food high in folate is great, things like strawberries, spinach, beans, and oranges.   Don’t forget to drink plenty of water as well, they say 8 cups of water so be sure to carry around a water bottle to get hydrated.





In fact, when I stopped birth control the only way I got my period to come back was by eating a balanced diet with more vegetables and protein and less fruit and starches. If you are having a problem like I was, give this a try, most things can be controlled with diet.






3. Exercise

Make sure you are getting some form of exercise even if it is jamming out to music while you clean your house just get moving and burn those calories.  But in all seriousness, you can go for walks, swim, ride a bike or do yoga, whatever you enjoy doing. Just don’t be that person sitting on the couch waiting for the motivation to hit you, just get up and do something!









4. Know When You Ovulate

Every woman is different and contrary to popular belief it isn’t always every 14 days it varies according to your cycle and how long it is, so starts tracking your periods and if you don’t have them already, get the ovulation test strips so you know exactly when you ovulate and for how long plus you get 50 strips for a great price plus 20 pregnancy tests. Knowing your fertile days will help make getting pregnant a lot easier.


Your fertility is highest during the five days leading up to the days you are ovulating you can figure out when you are ovulating naturally if you don’t want to spend money right now on strips. This is what you look for:

  • Changes in cervical mucus- if it is sticky and stretchy or wet and slippery then you most likely are.
  • A heightened sense of smell
  • Breast soreness or tenderness
  • Mild pelvic or lower abdominal pain usually on one side or the other lasting an hour or less
  • Libido changes-sex drive increases
  • Changes in the cervix- it becomes more open, higher up and softer









Make sure to have sex a few days before ovulation, two is best which offers the highest chances of conception. You have six days per month when having sex can result in pregnancy, these are the five days leading up to ovulation and the day of.

How to get pregnant fast





5. Best Positions

There really aren’t many best positions to get pregnant faster, many people do swear by a few but what really matters is the position of your pelvis which doesn’t move when you put your legs in the air or bend a certain way unless it gets your pelvis to tip back one position that does this is by having your legs on his shoulders.





The one thing that matters the most after having sex is to lay flat or put a pillow under your hips for 10 to 15 minutes so that the sperm has a better chance of traveling to the egg.





6. How To Conceive A Boy

These aren’t proven ways but some people swear by them so you can give them a try if you want:

  1. Try it from behind- known as doggie style this allows for deeper penetration and the sperm gets deposited closer to the cervix this way.
  2. Standing up-this also gives deeper penetration and supposedly allows the faster sperm a chance to get to the egg.
  3. Having an orgasm is said to change your Ph to be more alkaline helping the sperm that forms boys not die off before they have a chance.






7. How To Conceive A Girl

According to, this is what works for getting pregnant with a girl.

  1. Missionary-have your partner be on top, you can wrap your legs around him too, it is said that this is supposed to keep from deep penetration which gives you higher chances of having a girl.
  2. Spooning-also allows for less penetration and keeps it shallow so as to heighten your chances of conceiving a girl
  3. Being on the top-the key is to not let him go too deep in this position kinda like the other ones it’s all about less penetration
  4. Don’t have an orgasm-this will kill the sperm that forms the males by keeping the ph more acidic and allow the sperm that makes a girl have a better chance






8. IVF Treatments

If you have been trying to have a baby using these steps above and nothing has been working for over a year it may be time to talk to your doctor about IVF treatments.




What is IVF?

IVF is one of the most effective fertility treatments used by doctors to take a women’s egg out and fertilize it with her partner’s sperm outside of the body and place the fertilized egg back into the women.






It is very expensive and done under anesthesia, if your doctor tells you that you should think about having this done you might want to read this article by on how the procedure is done along with doctors who do these procedures. You can also get a referral from your own doctor on who to see for this.







What Not To Do When Trying To Conceive

Here are a few tips to help you out on what you shouldn’t do!

Don’t use lubricants because most of them if not all have spermicide and also will change the Ph to make it less than ideal for sperm to survive. Also, don’t worry about having an orgasm it is only speculation with no scientific proof that having one helps in any way. Lastly, boxers or briefs: Temperature does affect sperm, if you work in a very hot environment and wear briefs with tight pants this could affect your sperm. Try wearing boxers and breathable pants to avoid having this problem.








Increasing Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant Quickly

If you are trying to increase your chances of conceiving and it hasn’t been going so well for you this far I highly recommend The Ultimate Guide To Fertility: This guide has been medically reviewed and is a step by step system of everything you need to know so that you can get pregnant faster!




This wonderful guide by Mom Loves Best The Ultimate Guide To Fertility is packed full of information on stopping birth control to timing, age, doctor appointments, health and everything in between, this is the only guide you will need. I personally will be following this guide when trying to get pregnant with my next baby!







Common Questions/FAQ New Parents Ask About Getting Pregnant Faster

  • How Can I Increase My Chances of Getting Pregnant

    • The best way to increase your chances of getting pregnant quickly is to make sure you are having sex when you are ovulating at the right time in your cycle. Normally it is two weeks before your period, this makes your fertile window the seven days before your expected ovulation.
  • How Long Should You Keep Sperm Inside To Get Pregnant

    • Sperm stays alive in your body for three to five days, having sex the day you are ovulating can be too late. The sperm only has 24 hours to fertilize the egg before it is too late.
  • How Can I Easily Get Pregnant

    • The easiest way to get pregnant is by following the steps of being healthy, getting off birth control, know when you ovulate and have sex at the right time.
  • What Is The Best Fertility Drug To Get Pregnant

    • Clomiphene citrate or Clomid is a drug taken by mouth to stimulate ovulation through the pituitary gland. You can also get a shot into your ovary causing you to release more than one egg. It is always best to talk to a fertility doctor about all your options before trying them, some have negative side effects that you need to be aware of.
  • How To Get Pregnant Fast With Irregular Periods

    • Using an ovulation test to find out when you are ovulating is one way or by having frequent sex throughout the month such as four to five times a week, your chances of getting pregnant are very high.
  • How To Get Pregnant Quickly And Naturally Within 2 Months

    • Follow the steps above on health, find out when your ovulating and make sure to have sex a few days before that time, the more frequently you have sex each week, the better your chances of conceiving.









The Last Thing You Need to Know About Trying To Conceive

After trying for a few months if you feel that you are pregnant or have missed a period go ahead and test to see. If it is negative don’t be discouraged just keep trying, it can take some couples up to 3 or 4 months to conceive so please don’t panic!




You still get to enjoy the peace and quiet for a little longer and then you will not sleep for the rest of the time lol, so soak it up lol.




Honestly worrying about trying to get pregnant can actually make it harder to get pregnant so one of the most important things to do is to not worry about it! Just enjoy your time with your man and when it happens it happens! This may actually be the fastest way to get pregnant lol!






If you think you may be pregnant this article First Signs Of Pregnancy And What They Are will be very helpful to you. Looking for the best pregnancy test to buy so that you can find out if you are pregnant a little sooner this article breaks down the top five tests for you, Best Home Pregnancy Test For Early Results


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Ways to get pregnant fast



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  1. You are doing amazing work! Thanks for sharing your wonderful tips. My husband and I had been trying for 2 years. We both were checked out to make sure there were no major issues with either of us regarding why we hadnt gotten pregnant yet. We read that a lot of people have success on the 2nd round of Clomid! I am now 11 weeks pregnant and would definitely recommend Clomid for anyone who hasnt gotten pregnant after at least a year of trying and is unsure why. I am not sure if I just wasnt ovulating or what, but Clomid worked for me!! Dont be scared to ask your doctor about it! My insurance didn’t cover Clomid. But I got it (thanks google) 😊. My friend gave me the code ‘Get4preg’ ❤️ and she said ‘just Google it’. Goof luck to all!

    1. Hi Sheryl
      Thank you so much, you made my day!
      Congratulations, I’m so glad it worked for you!!
      That’s so encouraging to others that have been trying to get pregnant for so long!

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