How to deal with morning sickness

How to Deal With Morning Sickness So You Can Enjoy Being Pregnant

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One of the worst parts about being pregnant especially at the beginning is figuring out how to deal with morning sickness especially if it plagues you all day or for the first part of the day! It’s hard to be excited about being pregnant when you are feeling sick all the time!


When I was pregnant the first time I was nauseous all day long and felt so horrible all the time but with my second pregnancy, I found a way to not feel sick all day so I am going to share with you the secrets I found to help you deal with morning sickness so you aren’t miserable.


How to deal with morning sickness


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Best Morning Sickness Treatment

Here is a list of food that helps with morning sickness they may not sound good to you but give them a try, they really do work! The reason you are feeling nausea all the time is due to those fun hormones that are messing you all up.  You may not know that having low magnesium levels can cause you to be vomiting all the time as well so make sure to take your prenatal vitamins.


Most of these foods can be found at your grocery store so you don’t have to go hunting them down.


  1. Ginger-This is a popular Chinese medicine and works wonders for nausea, it comes in tea, soda and Lollipop form so it’s easy to use and you won’t feel sick trying.


2. Sour– Anything sour will help such as sour candy to suck on, I know it seems like it would be the opposite but it really works well for easing nausea.  


3. Mint– You can try sucking on mints or drinking mint tea, even using a mint-scented lotion will help calm down your nausea.


4. Saltine Crackers Any kind of saltine crackers or goldfish will help put something in your stomach and calm it down, just make sure it doesn’t have a heavy flavor to it.


5. Smoothies– Making a smoothie with fruit and yogurt can help ease sickness and give you an extra boost of energy for the day.


6. Drinking Fluids– If you are throwing up a lot it is important to drink lots of fluid to replenish what you lost, also you can try lemon ice tea or freeze or any fruit flavored waters which will ease your nausea. You can also get nausea relief ice pops that taste great and help when you don’t want to eat anything.





Things You Can Do To Ease Nausea

  • Motion sickness wrist bands– work great for keeping nausea away especially if you have it all day.
  • Aromatherapy Inhaler– These work well to ease your stomach with a light minty scent and are great for headaches or motion sickness too. The best thing to have when you smell something that makes you sick, just pull this out of your purse or pocket and smell it.
  • Scented lotions– Any lotion that you like the smell of will also help, the ones that worked for me were brown sugar vanilla, cocoa butter, and fresh ocean scents from bath and body works. When you start to feel sick just smell your hands and arms and it eases the feeling of throwing up.
  • Changing your eating habits-Start eating smaller meals more frequently so you don’t feel sick before dinner, just having a tiny bit of food in between helps your stomach not get a pit in it.  If you are starving you are bound to feel sick right away so bring snacks of a healthy kind with you when you go out or to work.
  • Pink Stork Mist– Magnesium spray that helps with morning sickness, nausea, helps you feel more energetic (who doesn’t love that especially now), reduces anxiety and so much more. I highly recommend getting this spray, you will not regret it!





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Best Way To Deal With Morning Sickness At Work

If you are a working momma then you have a little more of a challenge ahead of you trying to figure out how to deal with morning sickness at work especially if you want your pregnancy to be a secret for a little while. I was 5 months pregnant working at a new job before I told anyone that I was expecting.


It was a shock to a lot of people who thought I was just putting on a little weight lol but I was able to hide it very well by wearing loose fitting clothes and following these techniques so I didn’t get sick.

For more information on how to hide your pregnancy, you might like this article


Preggy Pops are your friend: These sour raspberry flavored candy drops are discreet enough to be in a drawer or pocket and popped whenever you feel morning sickness coming on. You can even put them in another container if you don’t want anyone to be suspicious.



Make sure to have a snack in between meals so you aren’t starving and sick by lunch, pack some trail mix or granola bars and if you get a break before lunch you could have yogurt, string cheese, cup of soup and some crackers to help fill the void (this is what I ate at break time and a granola bar when I got to work so I wasn’t starving).



Bring a water bottle and drink lots of water throughout the day so you avoid early pregnancy headaches and stay hydrated all day, this will help you feel better during your pregnancy and help keep nausea away so it is super important. If you don’t like water try adding fruit to it to make it taste better or get flavored water.



Get as much sleep as possible even if you go home and take a nap before dinner and try to go to bed at a decent time this will help you not fall asleep at work mid-morning or just after lunch.








When to Call Your Doctor

If you get severe morning sickness and nothing is helping you and you can’t keep any food down then you need to call your doctor and get something for it, they may even have to put you on IV fluids to keep you from dehydrating.


Some women suffer from extremely severe morning sickness and it requires medication to help control it, don’t feel bad if this is you and nothing is working for you then call now.  You may have hyperemesis gravidarum and need medical attention.


Hyperemesis Gravidarum means to be excessively vomiting earlier in pregnancy around 4 or 5 weeks and tends to last longer than most morning sickness, which should ease up in the second trimester. If by 16 weeks it is still going on then something else is wrong for sure.


The problem with vomiting all the time and not being able to retain fluids is that you are becoming dehydrated to the point where it is a vicious cycle, the more dehydrated you are the more nauseated you get and throw up more.


You don’t have to worry too much about your baby suffering from this because your body is taking everything from you and giving it to your little one, this being said you need fluids and shouldn’t wait to seek professional help if it is this bad!







Final Thoughts on How to Deal With Morning Sickness

Stick with eating smaller meals and try to avoid having an empty stomach to often as this will make your symptoms worse. Get some yummy scented lotion or some preggy pops to help you out or even sucking on mints, works really well to keep you from throwing up.


If it gets really bad especially if you have dizziness associated with your pregnancy right now, go get those motion wrist bands and see if that helps. In my third pregnancy right now I am dealing with a lot of dizziness and morning sickness and these have been amazing!!

Hope these tips help make your pregnancy more comfortable so you can enjoy the time you have carrying this beautiful baby, remember that pregnancy doesn’t last forever so if you aren’t enjoying any of it, it will be over before you know it!

Your carrying around a miracle in progress,  remember this when the going gets too overwhelming for you.

Pregnancy is hard but you can do this momma!


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