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How To Create Freebie Link Using Mailer Lite

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If you are new to blogging then you are probably wondering how to create freebie for your blog and set it up with your email service so it automatically goes out when someone clicks on it.  They’re are many different email marketing software sites out there to choose from like Mail Chimp, Mailer Lite and Convert Kit.  Mail Chimp and Mailer Lite are free up to 1,000 subscribers which is nice if you don’t have the money for Convert Kit yet. However Mail Chimp does require you to pay for some features that Mailer Lite allows you to use for free this is why I love Mailer Lite!

I made this quick tutorial to help you create freebie and set it up through Mailerlite, it is simple to do so don’t panic you got this, if I can figure it out as a nontechie person then you can do this!  I love using Mailerlite for email, it is super simple and free (which we all love) up to 1,000 subscribers so you don’t have to pay for anything until you are ready to invest. When you are finally able I do suggest using Convert Kit because it is easy to use and can do a lot more than Mail Chimp and Mailer Lite when it comes to landing pages and optins.


Lets get started with the quick tutorial on how to create freebie for your email list.

create freebie

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Create Freebie

To create an opt in freebie I suggest using Canva for this because it is easy to find and fill in a template and add pictures and text to your freebie. Simply go in choose the template that works for you and then figure out what kind of freebie to offer your audience. Pick bright popping colors that match your blog site colors and make sure that you change the font in the header to make it different from your content that way it is more eye catching.


Once you have created your freebie save it to your downloads on the computer, for the next step you will need to have gmail and download the app for google drive. Go to google drive click on my drive and upload files. Once uploaded you can click on share link and copy that.

For other tutorials on creating a landing page for resource library click here How to create a resource library

Here is a link for signing up with Mailerlite that gives you a $20 credit just for using it!! Awesome right

Adding The Link To Mailer Lite

Create a Mailer Lite account and once they have approved you then begin creating a subscribe here page. It can be a popup or a page. I think the pop up is easier to use personally but either one is fine. Make sure to download the Mailer Lite Plugin on your blog so that things will sink together. The awesome thing about Mailer Lite is the chat support! Any time you have a question they are there to help right away which is super nice especially if you are lost on how to do something or just frustrated.


Once you create your subscribe here page go to your thank you for subscribing part of it say I will be sending you an email with link for freebie. Go to automation create a new work flow. Select a trigger when subscriber joins a group then proceed to set up your email. You can put your blog picture or whatever you want and add in your text to email. Then click on add a link which I would put under words like here is your freebie as a special thank you and Copy and paste the link, for example if you say Here is a special download for you as a thank you for subscribing the link can be attached to those words and all they have to do is click on it and download the document.

I found that if you just put the link on the thank you page it will make the graphics long and cut off so to fix this problem that is what worked for me.

Make Sure Your Opt In Freebie Is Linked And Works

To double check and make sure everything works go to the preview put in your name and email click subscribe and see if it pops up correctly or have a mailer lite person check it for you.


Here is a link to Mailer Lite and when you sign up through it you get a $20 credit just for signing up how awesome is that!!! This is my gift to you for being such a loyal reader, thanks so much hope this helped.

If you have any questions feel free to comment or send me an email.



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    1. Hi Chrissy

      Your welcome!! Glad that this helped you, it was so confusing for me when I first added a freebie so I made this article for reference in hopes that it would help others that had no clue how to do this.

  1. Hi Cheree,

    Thanks for sharing this post. It’s been very helpful 🙂

    I’ll definitely follow your instructions as I have a couple of WordPress sites right now that I’m building that needs opt-in freebie.


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