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How To Blog When You Have No Clue Where To Start!!!

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You Want To Start A Blog But How Do You Do That?

You are looking at your beautiful newborn baby, how perfect they are wondering how you could ever let go and get back to work. Your instinct of always wanting to be there and protect them kicks in and it makes your insides scream ” I can’t go back to my job not now”.  How do you get past this and make it happen when you have no idea what to do or where to start all you know is you need this like oxygen. You want to start a blog but have no idea where to begin or how to blog! You have probably read all different articles on Pinterest on blogging like I have and yet no one really tells you how.   What if I told you I have found the solution for you!!   I understand your frustration and anxiety about all of it because I went through it myself until the solution to my problem showed up one day.  Praying every day that I would find the answer that would help me or some way I could figure this out and one day it showed up! I don’t remember how I found it, just that I was on Pinterest which I pretty much live on that site but one day when I wanted to just give up God put the answer right in front of me!! And here is your answer as well!!     Start a blog This post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you see *disclosure for details

Blogging Courses That Are Available

There are many blogging courses out there that are very expensive and might work but if you are like me you have little money to blow on promises of it possibly working and actually getting what you pay for. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure a lot of them do work but who has $800 to blow on a course to start a blog?     Wealthy Affiliate is a site that helps you build a blog and you get 2 free months and then you have zero help unless you join the premium group for $89 a month. We didn’t have money like that to blow on something that may or may not end up paying off especially after we just had a baby!!     I was super stressed about how to blog and where to begin but I couldn’t give up on it either so I just kept searching and reading and pinning bloggers’ posts. None of which worked for me to be able to start at point A and get to point B without crazy confusion and frustration. Are you with me still?     If you feel the same it is understandable, blogging is hard and confusing if you don’t know what to do and anyone that says it’s easy is not telling you the truth. It is hard work and dedication and those that make something of it didn’t give up and kept going.     Using the money in my pay pal account from my Ibotta App (which I recommend to save money on groceries. So far I saved $112 using it and have used that money to help pay for things on my blog) I bought the course and began right away. I used GoDaddy to start and switched to site ground who I love and highly recommend using them in the beginning a few years later I switched to big scoots and love them so much!     I know you’ve been wanting to start a blog but you always say you don’t have the time. These Blog By Number and List By Number courses will help you get your blog up and running as it did for me!! Follow her step by step and you cannot fail, this is the answer you have been looking for. I wouldn’t recommend anything I haven’t tried first and know it works. I had tears running down my cheeks when I started the course because it was exactly what I needed and I could finally move forward and do something with my blog. Best day ever!!!!            

The Blog By Number Ebook And Blogging Course Changed My Life

This book and the blogging course Blog By Number changed how I looked at blogging and made it possible for me to focus and follow her very simple step by step guide to setting it up and choosing a niche to what colors and themes to use. This course is absolutely amazing and I couldn’t have started a blog without her help!     If you are feeling like you don’t understand how to start or what to do first please get this ebook it will make things more understandable and lead you step by step toward having an amazing blog.     Worth every penny and Suzi is so kind and helpful, if ever I needed anything I could just email her and she would answer right away!  It is specially designed just for moms who want to start a blog. If you are like me and only have a few hours a day to work on it because of housework and kids this course is for you. She breaks it all down into a very easy to understand guide with templates to use and fill in the blank plus some stock photos to start with and so much more. I highly recommend it.     Here is the link for the Blog By Number Course by Suzi Whitford Blog by Number Flat Cover I also enrolled in the List By Number Course which helps to get email subscribers and so much more List by Number Here are some of her other products that Suzi offers that are super helpful as well  
start a blog
I haven’t made it to where I want to be blogging but I have come a long way from where I was and I do make money, not as much as I would like but it isn’t something that happens overnight. I worked on it everyday morning and at night when I could and kept the vision.      

Final Thoughts On How To Start A Blog

Blogging is a long-term game not a get rich quick one and you have to learn a lot of technical things along the way but it’s also fun and rewarding and I love it so much. Consistency is your key to success and knowing your why for when you want to give up!   Just take it slow and don’t try to do to much at once, take a break if you feel burned out (you will have days like that trust me), don’t let the low times keep you from continuing and you will get there!!!   My favorite quote is “successful people became successful by learning from their failures and never giving up”. The most important thing to remember is it’s all in your mindset and how you feel about yourself change the way you see yourself and you change how life looks!!   Pin this post to Pinterest for reference later!!!  
start a blog

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