Gifts for pregnant moms

Gifts For Pregnant Moms They Are Sure To Love

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Are you looking for great gift ideas for pregnant moms they will absolutely love and appreciate right now. Here are some great gift ideas she will love to receive while dealing with being pregnant and dealing with all of the uncomfortable symptoms that go along with it.


Give her the gift she needs to get through her pregnancy with a smile on her face, she will really appreciate it!!




Being pregnant is down right uncomfortable and tiring, between not feeling good due to swollen feet, heartburn and feeling tired all the time she needs some pampering to get out of the pregnancy funk and feel special right now. The perfect gift is one that is thoughtful and a bit girlie but also super helpful for momma to be. Here are some great gift ideas to get you on the right track.



Gifts for pregnant moms

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15 Best Gifts For Pregnant Moms

Here are the top 15 gift ideas any pregnant momma would absolutely love. Everything she would want or need is listed here so that you can make her feel super special even when she isn’t feeling her best.  I hope you find this list super helpful and can find the perfect gift for the mom to be!






This is an amazing book full of everything she needs to know about pregnancy and birth. Help her be better prepared for everything that is to come by giving her this gift of knowledge filled with all the information and answers she could want to know about her pregnancy and baby journey.



Great for dad’s to be as well.  I love this book, it is so helpful and takes some of the anxiety out of being pregnant! The perfect gift for first-time moms.




2. Skin Care Gift Set



This is the best little skincare gift set! It has three pregnancy skincare products for her legs and feet, belly and lips. Everything she needs to take care of her skin and not feel so itchy and uncomfortable. 



The foot cream is great for aching and tired muscles in the legs and feet and soothes away those pregnancy pains that are so annoying. The belly butter is great on her itchy belly and soothes the stretched out and dry scratchy skin so she can feel more comfortable as she goes about her day.  The best part is that it is made of all natural ingredients so it’s perfectly safe to use while pregnant.



3. Wedge Pillow



This pillow wedge is great for giving her extra support when she is trying to sleep. It works under her belly for support, under her back, and between her knees for added support. One side is soft and squishy while the other is firmer for more support.


Works through all trimesters and has a washable fabric cover to keep it fresh at all times. I love it because it is portable so she can take it anywhere she has to go and not worry about her comfort.



For more on getting better sleep while pregnant, you might enjoy reading this article How To Sleep When You Are Pregnant that will give you great ideas on how to be more comfortable


4. Pregnancy Tea


This box is filled with nine different teas for every phase of pregnancy and a wide rim tea infuser for loose leaf teas.  These are 100% organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free and Safe for pregnant women. Everything she needs from the beginning of pregnancy to the end, tea for morning sickness to lactation and everything in between. I love these teas, they taste great and work really well!!!




This is a great article that gives tips on dealing with morning sickness that you might want to read.


5. Bump Boxes


These are the perfect gift to help her through every trimester so all you have to do is pick which trimester box she needs right now and bump box does the rest. Filled with fun things to make her more comfortable along the way and who doesn’t like a box full of goodies anyway!!



6. Tasty Drinks



This book is filled with amazingly tasty drinks she can enjoy anytime but especially around holidays and birthdays, she will need this to get her through. 


These are great for baby showers as well and every woman will enjoy the wonderful fruit and herb mixes.  It will help ease her pregnancy symptoms and help her through each stage of pregnancy as well, it’s a must-have item for mommas.




7. Cute T-Shirt



No pregnancy is complete without a super cute t-shirt to go along with it! She will love the soft fabric, vibrant colors they come in and how they fit perfectly to her bump, she won’t want to take this shirt off!!  These shirts have such cute phrases on them, I love these!!!




8. Oil Diffuser



This oil diffuser is a great way to help her relax! It has a built-in light with 14 different colors for a relaxing atmosphere and a timer so she doesn’t have to get up to turn it off. She can add any of her favorite oil blends to it and it has cool mist that comes out of it making this safe for kids.


What’s not to love about this gift!!!





9. Pregnancy Pillow


Help her sleep better in her second and third trimester with this super comfortable full body pillow. It is hypoallergenic and machine washable and can be used later on for nursing. I loved having a body pillow, it relieved all those aches and pains and helped me get much-needed sleep!! 


This makes a great baby shower gift as well.



10. Water Bottle



This is one of my favorite gift ideas! It is a super cute water bottle with motivational phrases on it and comes with weekly stickers that are color-coded for every trimester making this a super fun way for her to get the water she needs each day!



It also has a water tracking timeline so she can stay on track and alleviate headaches from dehydration when she isn’t getting enough water each day.  She will absolutely love this gift!!





11. Stress Relief Bath Soak



These pink stork flakes are awesome for a relaxing soak in the tub to relieve pain and stress. These bath salts are made of organic magnesium from the dead sea and help with morning sickness, energy levels, aches, and pains, sleep quality and tons more.



Perfect for any pregnant momma that needs a good soak!!  I love how this is made with natural ingredients and has no fillers so mom doesn’t have to worry about harmful chemicals and can just relax.



12. Baby Bonding Bracelet


This is the perfect gift for momma to let her know you are thinking about her. It’s a baby bonding bracelet made of pretty rose quartz and believed to protect mom during pregnancy and childbirth and also aid fertility (which she may not want for a while lol). 



Seriously though this is perfect for after she has the baby to help her during those sleepless days and nights remember which side baby nursed on last.   I love it because it is a beautiful bracelet that is fun to wear all the time perfect for momma to help her feel special!!





13. Pink Nail Polish



Help her feel pretty with this adorable pink nail polish that is non-toxic, chemical free and has low odor. Perfect gift for the mom to be so she can feel good about using nail polish without worrying about harming her baby.


It also comes with nail polish remover so there is no need to search for a chemical free one.  If she loves pink she will love this gift!!



14. Pregnancy Journal



Give her this adorable pregnancy journal so she can document each day as well as use it for a baby memory book. It comes with 12 milestone stickers which can be used in baby’s clothes later on and is a unisex color great for boy or girl. 



Help her record all of her tummy memories with photos and milestones so she doesn’t forget a single detail of her precious little one.  This is a great way to keep track of pregnancy and the perfect gift idea for mom to be!!!





15. Stylish Shirt


This is a great shirt for mom to be and super stylish as well. She will love the soft material that is 100% combed and ringspun cotton for extra comfort and durability which is much needed at this time. The adorable phrase is great for sharing the news or wearing it around because let’s face it she is pregnant as AF lol. 




In all seriousness though this is a great quality t-shirt that fits any pregnant mom perfectly with style!!!!







Final Thoughts on Gifts for Pregnant Moms

Whatever you choose to buy a pregnant mom make sure it is something just for her and not for the baby, she will have tons of things for her little one and need some nice things for just her so that she feels appreciated and loved.




It’s hard work being pregnant and going through all the body and life changes while growing a miracle inside of you, finding time for one’s self is hard to do when you have a list a mile long of to do’s.




I hope this list of adorable pregnancy gifts gives you some great ideas! I think any pregnant mom would love all of these gifts whether she is in early pregnancy or due some time soon.  She will appreciate how thoughtful you are for thinking of her needs at this time and that will make her day and yours!!!






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Gifts for pregnant moms


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