Getting rid of the pacifier

Getting Rid Of The Pacifier An Easy Way To Go About It

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One of the biggest challenges for some parents is getting rid of the pacifier! It is a form of comfort and helps on those really emotional days. This goes along with potty training and weaning off the bottle, all milestones that are a bit daunting.

You can do this!! Just stay strong and stick to it even when you want to throw in the towel.


Our son never took a pacifier until he was 9 months old and teething all at once, what a nightmare until he started taking the pacifier! We were thrilled for a while. Now at 2 years old it is time to be done with it!


How do you go about doing such a thing when your child is absolutely attached to it?


Some toddlers are easier than others, all children are different so don’t be frustrated if something doesn’t work the first time. This is no easy feat and requires patience and a great plan with follow through. Keep trying until something works!

This is what worked for us, hopefully, it will give you an idea of what to try.

Getting rid of pacifier

Make A Plan And Stick To It


The first method to succeed with any goal is to make a plan and stick to it. I have read many posts on what others have tried such as cutting the tip off of the pacifier, flat out taking away the pacifier, or not giving it back to them when they lose it and you find it first.



These are all great strategies and it all depends on what will work for you and your toddler. I choose to ease into this strategy and let it naturally happen. This is the same approach I take to potty training.


I don’t want to force the issue but let him decide when it is time. Donny had 6 pacifiers and they started getting lost or chewed through, when he had 2 left we said after these two we are done with them.


A few months after that one of them had a hole chewed in it and now we were down to one. Yesterday he woke up in the morning and his last one had been chewed through!


Now we have to stick to the plan! No more pacifier! This is kind of like baby-led weaning because you wean your child off of it slowly. I think it helps to do it this way and avoids a lot of added stress that would be there otherwise.


Here Is How It Worked For Us

Day 1:

Waking up with a broken pacifier leads to a very upset toddler! He wanted it but he didn’t because it was broken and kept throwing it down in anger and picking it up only to find it was still broken which started this all over again!

It is kinda funny but super frustrating after a few minutes.

I didn’t throw it away as this last process will take a bit to get used to, he can have his pacifier but won’t use it because it has a hole in it. It is a comfort for him so letting it go is ruff for a toddler.

The biggest hurdle is getting through a nap and bedtime without being able to suck on it!

We survived successfully! Yes, he complained a little but fell asleep without it and only wanted to play with it in his hand until he fell asleep. I didn’t get much sleep due to him waking up and crying over not having his pacifier but we got through it and he fell asleep without it.




Day 2:

What a ruff day! Donny woke up at 8:30 and was crying most of the day over everything, I believe it was due to the lack of sleep and missing his pacifier that led to this.


He refused to eat breakfast but settled for mac n cheese bites as we headed to my parents’ house for a visit. He was grumpy most of the morning while we were there and refused any food offered. At 1 pm it was nap time we headed home, he fell asleep in the car which only lasted the drive home about 20 minutes and led to crying when I got him out of his car seat and tried laying him down.



No nap was the verdict for the day and the grumpiness continued though he finally ate a banana which he picked out in the kitchen.


I know this isn’t the best idea for a healthy snack since he hadn’t eaten much all day but I gave him a little ice cream which actually changed his mood altogether!  He played with our vacuum cleaner because he has a thing about them at the moment and then he finally decided he wanted to eat dinner.



Finally, he was eating what a relief!  I hate it when he doesn’t eat it scares me even though I know this is what toddlers do sometimes I wish he was a better eater.


He went to bed early due to no nap and this time I gave him his broken pacifier which he accepted and then balled his eyes out and fell asleep 5 minutes later. The pacifier was on the floor so he had fallen asleep without it and slept all night this time. We shall see what today brings, hopefully, it will be better!


Day 3: The only time I had a problem was when he wanted his pacifier right after he woke up. The rest of the day went smooth no complaints even nap time went well without it. Bedtime and naps he did have it with him but threw it out of his crib. We are making great progress!


The secret to getting your toddler to not want the pacifier is to get it out of sight. If your little one loses it during the night find it before they wake up and keep it out of view.



Day 4: We had a little problem in the morning again but he quickly got over it and was pacifier free all day. Bedtime he didn’t have it at all and fell asleep just fine.  He is officially over his pacifier!!


If you can stick to your guns and get through a week of no pacifier without buying one you will be successful! I don’t see the point in starting on weaning and then giving in, the process will still have to happen at some point so why not do it when the opportunity presents itself and your child has already started going without it.










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Stay Strong Don’t Give Up

The process of getting rid of the pacifier is hard on everyone but you can do this! Once you begin don’t let yourself give in. Our Toddlers have many things they either need to stop using or learn, lets help them out by being strong parents and working through these milestones with our children.



You may find that your Toddler has an easy time getting rid of the pacifier, when the time is right just go with it and you may be surprised.


Don’t forget to be encouraging and give lots of snuggles and reassurance.

I believe that getting rid of the pacifier will help with speech development and also save our kids’ teeth in the future.

Keynote when you do this make sure you have no pacifiers hiding somewhere or you will be back to square one.




Other Ideas That Work

Here are other ideas that worked for mom’s I know.

  • Cut the tip off the pacifier and give it to them and they will probably not want it anymore because it’s broken.
  • If the pacifier is bitten through and they are very attached to the same one buy a new one and your toddler will probably not want it.
  • If they lose it don’t get a new one just try and go without this does work very well for some and for others it’s awful.
  • Make it taste bad by buying something recommended by the pharmacist that is safe for your child.
  • Have your child give it to the soother fairy, make it a fun way to give it up.
  • Read books and watch short videos on getting rid of the binky, if this doesn’t work it still prepares your little one to get rid of it.




Final Thoughts On Getting Rid Of The Pacifier

Every child is different and what works for one may not work for you, try an approach and if it doesn’t work try a different one. Once you get started don’t back out stay strong and keep trying. Do what works best for you and your situation!


If all else fails they make this amazing product to help wean your toddler, it comes with different size pacifiers and you slowly wean them down until they are done with them.  It’s by FridaBaby and works for babies 6-18 months and made by a dentist, perfect for weaning if you are having a hard time!




The one thing you need to keep in mind is don’t try doing this if you have a lot going on or something big happening, the uncertainty will make it harder for your little one.

If something traumatic happened recently or a big change is going to happen like moving or a new daycare, wait a little bit after things settle to try any of these.

Hope this helps you and your toddler get through this stage!


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  1. I was blessed with one of my children that she did not like a pacifier. She usually would just spit it out and give me a look as to say “really.”

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