First Signs Of Pregnancy And What They Are

Getting pregnant is an exciting event and extremely stressful when you think you might be but aren’t real sure if you are pregnant, what are the first signs of pregnancy and how do you know for sure?  Your intuition is going to be a big one on this sometimes you can just know that you are without any proof so if you feel this way go with it because you probably are right! Some early signs can be dismissed as having the flu or something you ate, just plain not feeling like yourself or even PMS symptoms.

If you have been trying to get pregnant for a while then you are probably anxious to know for sure and if you really don’t want to be then finding out may be a hard thing to deal with but don’t worry whatever your outcome it will work out in the end!  With my first pregnancy I had no idea my husband at the time knew I was and took me to the doctor right away and loan be hold I was. The second one was a bit mysterious because my husband and I hadn’t been trying and wanted to wait a little bit longer, I started to notice some strange signs and one of my coworkers told me I was probably pregnant which I blew off lol so after a lot of thought and searching the web I finally bought a test and turned out I really was pregnant!


First Signs of Pregnancy

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Very Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Here are the most common pregnancy signs that typically occur within the first month. Every body is different and handles each pregnancy different so like I said go with your instincts on this one and test as soon as you can so you know for sure!



You may experience heartburn anyway but if it is more intense then usual and more frequent you may be pregnant. A lot of women suffer from heartburn starting early in pregnancy within a week of getting pregnant. Some food may give you heartburn when they never have before so make sure to keep an antacid around for those time.


Breast Tenderness

This symptom also starts fairly early on especially if you’ve been pregnant before, your breasts may be very sore and more sensitive some times they can itch for some weird reason. Mine always did with my second but with my first they just hurt a lot and felt fuller.  Your bra might feel tighter as well due to hormone changes and you may notice your nipples getting darker in color.



You may have trouble waking up in the morning and sleep in later then usual or get tired in the middle of the day or early at night. Your body could be fighting something but you could also be growing a little one in there. Your basal body temperature rises when you get pregnant and the extra hormones as well as your heart pumping more and using more oxygen will cause you to feel super tired all the time. This is a big indication that something is going on and a early first sign of pregnancy to look for.


You may feel super dizzy at times like when you go to stand up or if you are climbing up a ladder and all of a sudden the room spins that is a sure sign that you are pregnant! This is how I found out I was pregnant with my second.  Progesterone can contribute to you feeling lightheaded by making your body run hotter and causing blood vessels to dilate, which lowers blood pressure. In addition, it takes a little longer than normal for blood that’s been diverted to the uterus to make its way back to your brain when you stand up.


First signs of pregnancy


You will have headaches a lot because of the progesterone levels which can be super annoying and also may be a result of not drinking enough fluids. Some women get these headaches and some don’t so it’s not a sure sign you are but is definitely a possibility. If this is an only sign then I would go see your doctor if it keeps occurring because something else may be going on that needs to be addressed right away, not to freak you out but better safe then sorry.



A subject not talked about as much but if you find that you are always regular and then notice that you don’t go number two as often and when you do you are constipated. This is a big sign and is caused by once again those wonderful hormones and they slow down the digestive system causing bowel issues.



Feeling sick during any time of day when you normally never get sick is an early sign of pregnancy also called morning sickness and you may not want certain foods that you used to eat or crave other foods that you don’t normally eat that much. This is a very good indication that you have a baby on the way. Your body may steer clear of certain food because it is bad for your growing little one as a natural defense.


Weird Taste In Your Mouth

You may have a strange taste in your mouth kinda like metal and it will make eating food a bit unpleasant as well I blame this one on the hormones of course! It would be like tasting pennies or aluminum and is a for sure sign of hormone changes taking place in your body. If you are experiencing this try chewing gum or  suck on mints. This also can help with nausea!


Bleeding Gums

When you brush your teeth and floss your gums may be more sensitive and start to bleed easily , especially if they have never bled before this is a good sign you are pregnant. Your body is building blood volume and fluid levels to nourish baby which causes tissue swelling in gums and yes can also be other places too like your face and under your eyes.


Frequent Urination

This one you probably know and if you find that you are waking in the middle of the night to pee it probably is due to you being pregnant and that pesky hCG hormone or you are drinking a ton of water at night!


Implantation Bleeding

You may experience spotting or bleeding and think this is your period or just a bit strange but it is a tell tale sign and happens 12 days after conception. You may have some discomfort and cramping and some mild backaches as well. This doesn’t always happen to every women so don’t freak out if you don’t experience this at all. This happened to me in my first pregnancy but not my second so it doesn’t always occur every time.   If you do have spotting it would be light brown or light pink lasting for a few days but not enough to fill a pad or tampon. If you have noticed this sign then you probably are pregnant!



You may find that certain things that never bothered you are now super annoying or you get mad at your husband for the stupidest thing and don’t know why this is a good sign of hormone changes and a little one inside making you feel this way.


After reading all these signs and checking them off in your head if you have these symptoms now comes the lovely task of waiting till you miss your period or testing just before you are suppose to get it. Here is a post on the best home pregnancy tests I think waiting is super hard to do but testing to early is wasting valuable money on more pregnancy tests (they aren’t cheap that’s for sure) to use for later so if you can wait just a few days closer to your period then you will have a better more accurate testing experience.  You could get a multi pack they sell them in a 3 pack for testing early, before your missed period and after and you can find them at Walmart.

If you do get a false negative it may be to soon and you have to wait a few days for your body to produce enough hCG, hCG doubles every 2 days in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy. By the time you do miss your period there will be enough present to show up in a home pregnancy test.

I hope you found this post to be super helpful and I wish you luck as you in bark on this new journey, remember that every pregnancy is different and sometimes you can be pregnant for a long time and then find out you are months into your pregnancy.


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