Second pregnancy symptoms

Early Symptoms of Second Pregnancy

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Every pregnancy is different and not all the signs of early pregnancy that you had in your first will show up in your second. In most cases you will recognize some of the symptoms and know that you are pregnant a lot earlier then you did the first time. Let’s go over the signs you might notice in your second pregnancy, some may be very familiar and some may be new ones that you notice. Check out these tips below and see if any of the signs match what you may be noticing!


In my second pregnancy, I knew I was pregnant a few weeks in because I didn’t feel right, I felt dizzy sometimes and sick randomly along with really annoying headaches but the biggest symptom that tipped me off was when my breasts started to hurt really bad. Some of the signs of getting your period are similar but if you don’t normally have extremely tender breasts that is a big giveaway.






Second Pregnancy Symptoms

These early symptoms will be very similar to the ones you had in your first and you may have more of them or less noticeable ones, due to the fact that no two pregnancies are going to be the same. The great thing about your second pregnancy is that you already know what works and doesn’t work for you and what to expect for the most part during your pregnancy.


1. Headaches 

It’s normal to start having headaches very early on around the same time each day and for no apparent reason, these can last for a few weeks after conception due to hormone levels.




2. Fatigue

You may be feeling extremely tired when you get up in the morning and throughout the day, and by tired I mean your eyes will barely stay open tired. Your energy level is at the lowest point and you can’t get it up by eating or drinking coffee.





3. Dizziness

Feeling really dizzy or not able to keep your balance at times throughout the day is a good sign that you have a sweet baby on the way, this is especially true if you go up a ladder and feel like you are going to fall off of it or that the room suddenly spun. I had this happen to me randomly if I stood up or leaned over, even had ringing in my ears and a sudden feeling I was going to fain.



What are the signs of a second pregnancy


4. Mood Swings

You may find that people are annoying you a lot, even if you are one of those super sweet people you may have no patience for anyone. I noticed I was getting annoyed by my toddler not wanting to eat dinner or let me change his pull-up (all of which was normal toddler stuff) and I would get so frustrated with him. Even people at the grocery store would annoy me by being in my way or leaving their cart in front of something I needed, I never used to be annoyed with people unless they were really rude so it was unusual.


You may notice that you cry easier, this could be during some commercial or when your child is being mean, things will make you get really emotional when you normally aren’t like this at all. I don’t cry most of the time, it’s very rare, so when my toddler was being rude to me and I started tearing up I knew something was going on!





5. Frequent Urination

As your uterus grows and expands you may find yourself using the bathroom more often, due to the pressure it puts on your bladder and the increase in this could be chalked up as drinking a lot of water but when you go every half hour to an hour it’s an indication something else may be going on.





6. Nausea

One of the tell-tale signs of pregnancy is being sick in the morning or randomly throughout the day if you find yourself sick because of normal things you eat or drink in the morning you may very well be pregnant. Some women get sick when they brush their teeth or drink coffee, even certain smells may make you sick.





7. Constipation

Being pregnant slows down the digestive tract and this can cause your digestive system to slow way down and make you constipated.  You may notice that all of a sudden you are having trouble in the bathroom and it goes on for a few days or weeks.





8. Food Cravings or Aversions

Some women will crave certain foods every time or are just plain hungry all the time, even after eating a meal. You might find that you want a strange combination of food like pickles and yogurt or that you don’t like some of your favorite food anymore because the smell makes you sick.


You might even notice a metallic taste in your mouth all the time and this makes some food not taste very good, I didn’t notice this the first time but in my second pregnancy, it was very noticeable and sometimes caused me to get sick.


I had problems with handling raw meat during my pregnancy because I could smell the blood in it and it made me so sick!




9. Foggy Brain

This is a big sign of being in your second pregnancy! You may find that you are forgetting things more easily then you usually do or do some absent-minded things throughout the day, such as putting your keys in the refrigerator or forgetting to take the groceries out of the car. 

I started to suspect that I was pregnant when I was doing things similar to these and felt like I couldn’t think clearly as I did before. I would forget things right after I thought of them and was starting to think something was really wrong with me lol.





Final Thoughts on Early Second Pregnancy Symptoms

In order to find out for sure that you are now into your second pregnancy, you should go get a test if any of these symptoms or multiple of them listed above describe what you are experiencing right now.  Some women are really in tune with their bodies and have a knowing feeling that they are indeed pregnant well beforehand, if you have this feeling then you most likely are right now.

You may be interested in reading this article Best Home Pregnancy Test For Early Results to help you find the right test to use out of the wall of pregnancy test at the grocery store.


Once you find out you are pregnant you may notice that many things happen a lot earlier than in your first pregnancy such as when your baby belly will show, how your clothes fit more snug then they did the first time and when you feel movement from your baby. 


Every pregnancy is different and special and comes with its own set of challenges, for more on what to expect in the first trimester you may want to read this article, what to do when you find out your pregnant this will walk you through what you need to get done and comes with a free checklist so you don’t forget anything.



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