Do Postpartum Belly Bands Work | Do You Need One After Pregnancy

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You have probably heard other moms talking about postpartum wraps and belly bands and you might be thinking “Do postpartum belly bands work?” or is it just another thing to waste your money on?



I used one after my last c section and it helped a lot with movement and back support. 



However, I made the mistake of not using it long enough and had a lot of trouble recovering properly. Please don’t make the same mistake I did!!


It’s easy to overdo it during recovery and it puts a lot of strain on your muscles that are trying to heal if you don’t have the extra support.



In this article, I am going to cover, what they do, how long to wear one and if you should have one after a c section or vaginal delivery.

do Belly bands work

There isn’t a lot of research done on postpartum belly bands but from what I have found they do give added support and help keep abdominal muscles together.


Belly banding dates back centuries and in many cultures, they aren’t just a fad according to the bump.


Always consult your doctor before wearing one to make sure it is a good fit for you. Some women have medical issues that a doctor won’t recommend one!

Do you need a belly band

Do belly bands help after pregnancy

They can be very helpful with supporting your abdominal muscles and back by allowing you to move more during recovery which helps you heal faster.

According to Jay Goldberg, MD, an obstetrician/gynecologist in Beverly hills; “belly bands have been used for many years for tummy tucks and back problems but for postpartum vaginal and c section recovery, they are great for helping your posture, abdominal support, and self-confidence.”

Postpartum belly wraps do these four things:

  1. Support your abdominal muscles and aid with a condition called diastasis recti (which is abdominal muscle separation).
  2. Give lower back support and help with your posture, greatly reduces back pain.
  3. Alleviates pressure and any pain you have especially with a c section (takes the pressure off the incision).
  4. Help reduce swelling after birth.


You must be aware that it will not help you go back to your postpartum figure or slim your waist.

In order to do this, you need to eat healthy and do exercises that help with this.

How long do you wear a band after pregnancy

You can start wearing a postpartum band right after giving birth and for the next four to six weeks depending on your body.


for those of you that have a c section, I recommend six to eight weeks to help keep your muscles in place before you start working out again.


You may feel that you don’t need it after six weeks and can start doing core exercises when your doctor gives you the go-ahead.


Some women find it comfortable to sleep in and others don’t. I personally wore mine during the day over my clothing but it can be worn under your clothes if that works better for you.

Do Belly bands help after c section

After I had my c section I was given a postpartum belly band to use for the next six to eight weeks.


For more information on c section recovery, you may like this article Recovery After C Section

A lot of doctors recommend these to c sections moms to help aid in healing and keep muscles from separating further after surgery.

Here are all the benefits of wearing one:

  • Helps protect your incision
  • Decreases swelling and bloating
  • Helps ease postpartum cramping 
  • Keeps everything tight and in place
  • Gives extra support you need while your abdominal muscles heal back together
  • Recover faster and are able to move more

Final thoughts on postpartum belly bands

Always talk to your doctor and find out what is best for your body and situation before wearing one.


I think belly bands are wonderful and have a lot of positive benefits that help you heal faster and cut down on symptoms during healing.


I loved my postpartum support band and will wear one again for this baby to help me heal faster.


The support band won’t get you back to your prebaby size but it will help you heal so that you can take steps to lose the baby weight.

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