Warning signs during pregnancy

Danger Signs During Pregnancy That You Need To Know

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During your pregnancy many changes happen to your body, you get all kinds of pains and symptoms but what are the danger signs that something is wrong with your baby. These are signs every mom needs to know to keep herself and her baby safe.



This isn’t a fun subject to talk about but it is important information to know for yourself or even a pregnant friend or family member, we all want healthy babies and easy pregnancies but that isn’t always the case.  These signs will help you know if what you are feeling or seeing is not normal and needs to be addressed by a health care professional!


I am not a doctor and none of this information is meant to diagnose or treat you, seek medical attention for these signs!

Danger signs during pregnancy


Danger Signs During Pregnancy

Most women will go through pregnancy without any complications, you might be uncomfortable but all of the symptoms of pregnancy can include tiredness, dizziness, backache, nausea, heartburn, using the bathroom often, breast tenderness and swelling. 


What you want to be aware of are the not so normal symptoms that could occur at any point during your pregnancy and these need to be addressed quickly!


Severe Nausea and Vomiting

Though vomiting and nausea are common in the first trimester it isn’t okay for you to not be able to keep food and fluids down. If you experience this at any point in time during your pregnancy it is a good idea to see your doctor or go to the ER because you and your baby aren’t getting enough fluid or nutrients.


Some things that may help:

  • Vitamin B6 25mg three times a day
  • Separate liquids from solids, eat something and drink an hour later
  • Plain popcorn
  • Rest 
  • Avoid the hot sun


Having trouble dealing with morning sickness? You might find How to Deal With Morning Sickness So You Can Enjoy Being Pregnant article to be really helpful.








Bleeding or Cramping

Some bleeding or spotting is normal after an exam or having sex, if it starts to fill up a pad every two hours then you need to call your doctor immediately.  If you are in your 2nd or 3rd trimester and have cramping or painless heavy bleeding or cramping that is equal to or worse than menstrual cramps you need to call your doctor or go to the ER.



Home treatment:

  • Resting on your left side
  • Avoid lifting anything over 20 lbs





Decreased Fetal Movement

Your baby moves less than 4 times in a 30 minute period while you are resting during a normally active period for your baby.


After 24 weeks if you notice your baby isn’t moving as much and eating something sweet or drinking hot liquids or cold liquids doesn’t make them move more you need to call your doctors office. If you notice decreased fetal movement followed by severe abdominal pain, you need to see your doctor right away.


Home treatment:

  • Rest
  • Drink juice or soft drink
  •  Eat a small snack
  • Lie down on your side




Call your doctor if you notice a recent increase of swelling in your face and hands or feet and ankles. This is a sign of preeclampsia and needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If you have swelling accompanied by headache or upper abdominal pain, swelling with decreased fetal movement or elevated blood pressure (if using a home monitor) call your doctor immediately.



Things you can do at home that may help:

  • Lie on the left side and elevate legs
  • Stay away from salty foods such as ham, pizza, chili, snack foods, and anything with high sodium content.



If you are experiencing normal pregnancy swelling you might find Swollen Feet During Pregnancy | How to Reduce It to be very helpful.



Urinary Urgency and or Pain With Urination

Early in pregnancy and in your third trimester using the bathroom frequently is very common, if you experience any pain while urinating or feeling of urgency to void with little urine produced you should call the doctors office. These are signs of a UTI which can be very dangerous during pregnancy!


If you have a temperature of 101 F or higher, pain in upper back, contractions or blood in your urine you need to call the doctor immediately, these are very dangerous things to have during pregnancy and you will need to be seen.



Things you can do at home that may help:

  • Urinate at regular intervals
  • Increase fluid intake to 8–12 glasses daily






Cold and Flu

During the cold and flu season I highly recommend that you get a flu shot, take your prenatal vitamins regularly and eat a healthy diet. If you get sick while pregnant it can be very dangerous for you and your baby!


Things to watch for and be aware of during this time, fever of 101 F or higher, green or yellow mucus developing, Persistent cough for more than five days, you should call the doctors office to see what they recommend. Call your doctor if breathing is difficult or wheezing occurs!


What you can do at home:

  • Tylenol, Actifed, Sudafed, and any Robitussin
  • Increase fluids
  • Rest
  • Use evaporator
  • Ask your doctor for a list of pregnancy safe medications you can take







If you start having contractions stronger than Braxton hicks (mild, irregular contractions) that may not be regular and you are less than 36 weeks, the contractions are greater than 6 per hour you need to call your doctors office and see what they want you to do.


Your contractions are every 5 minutes apart for an hour, water breaks or are leaking, bleeding is more than a normal period or pain and contractions won’t go away call your doctor immediately.



What to do at home:

  • Rest, you may need it if you are in labor
  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Stay hydrated, being dehydrated can cause you to have contractions especially in the summertime




Final Thoughts on Danger Signs During Pregnancy

I can’t stress enough how important it is to drink lots of fluids throughout your pregnancy, this will help with your pregnancy symptoms and help you avoid some of these warning signs. If you have trouble drinking water get a water bottle that you can add fruit to or drink flavored water that doesn’t contain sugar.


If at any time during your pregnancy something doesn’t seem right or you have a bad feeling it is always a good idea to call the doctors office just to be safe, it is better to be proactive rather than think it is silly or just you being paranoid and end up having a major problem. 


Other things to watch for according to summit medical group:

  • Pain, pressure or major cramping in your belly
  • New problems with your vision
  • Seizures
  • Vaginal discharge with a bad odor, irritation or itching
  • Diarrhea that won’t go away


If you experience any of these call your doctor’s office right away. 





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