Birth Plan For Planned C Section

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If you know that you are having a planned c section then it is important to come up with a birth plan for it as well.

I didn’t know this until recently but it makes sense this assures you can have the best experience possible while still having your wishes met.

If you are like me you have no clue where to start to create a birth plan, I have done the work for you and created a template that you can fill in with what you want and it also guides you along the way on what to include.

Don’t forget to download your free template after reading this article.

Birth Plan for c section

When you go in for your c section here are a few things you may want to include in your plan.



You can ask your doctor ahead of time if you have any questions on if some of these are allowed and if they can make an exception for you if need be.



Remember this is a guideline for them to follow and some circumstances can cause these to change if things don’t go according to plan.



It is still important to be prepared and know all of your options.

What to include in your plan for being in the OR

When you first go into the OR you will be introduced to everyone who will be involved in your birth and postpartum experience while you are at the hospital.




You will most likely be given spinal anesthesia to numb you from the waist down.

Some circumstances may have to use local anesthesia if the spinal doesn’t work for some reason or there is an emergency.



What to put in your birth plan for c section:

  • I request that I be given spinal anesthesia unless circumstances dictate otherwise.
  • I do not want any residents or medical students to put in the spinal rather I would like the staff anesthetist to be the one to put it in.



You will also want to include when the catheter is placed, usually, it will be after you have the spinal but sometimes they do it before.


They will tie down your arms so that you don’t move during surgery unless you ask that they not be or at least have one free so that you can hold your baby afterward.


You can ask that they drop the curtain so that you can see the baby when he is born or ask for a mirror along with pictures to be taken.


Do you want your husband or significant other to cut the cord, you can ask for this as well. Along with delayed cord clamping if you so desire.


You can ask that they delay giving your baby tests until after you hold them.



Breastfeeding After C Section

If you plan on breastfeeding after your c section make sure to include that you don’t want them to supplement with formula unless absolutely necessary.



It is important to have a good bond with your baby right after birth so you might want to request that you can hold your little one and start breastfeeding as soon as possible.


You can request a lactation consultant to come to your room and help you get baby to latch and answer any questions you may have.



If you didn’t bring a breast pump with you one can be requested in your birth plan so that you can start pumping right away.

Special Circumstances

I know you don’t want to think about anything bad happening but if for some reason your baby needs to go to the NICU you want to have your wishes clearly stated in your birth plan.



Here is an example:

  • If for some reason our baby has to go to the NICU I would like my husband to be able to stay with the baby at all times and make any decisions necessary.
  • I would like to see our baby in the NICU as soon as possible.

Baby wishes after c section

You want to include anything you would like to be done with your baby after birth such as testing, pacifier use and having them with you at all times.

Some hospitals encourage parents to have the baby in your room at all times and some do not.

Do you want your baby circumcised if it is a boy? Would you like them to use a local anesthetic?

Usually, this is done within one to two days after birth unless your baby has some underlying medical issues.

For more on how the procedure is done, you can read this article: Surgeries and Procedures


If you have other children you can request that they get to meet the new baby before any other visitors can see him.


You can also request that you have no visitors for a certain amount of time so that you can bond with your baby first.



If you have anything else you want to include in your babies’ care such as his first bath make sure to add this into the section on the printable birth plan.





Your postpartum wishes

During your postpartum recovery, you will want to request a few things for yourself.

If this is a repeat c section you already know what to expect and may have a better idea of how you want things to go.

For first time c section moms this will be a little new for you and a bit scary.

Read more on what to expect after a c section here: Recovery After C Section

Here is an example of what to add to your birth plan:

  • I want to be able to walk as soon as possible after the procedure.
  • I would like to take my own over the counter pain killers (if you prefer this or have a sensitivity to hospital drugs).
  • I would like a postpartum support wrap before I leave the hospital.
  • I would like my catheter out as soon as possible preferably the morning time after c section.
  • I would like to stay in the hospital as long as possible.

mom holding newborn

Final Thoughts on birth plan for planned c section

Make sure to add anything that is important to have done into your birth plan so that you can have those needs met.



The best way I found to figure out what to put on my birth plan was to write down the things I wanted and then put them into the sections in the birth plan.



Writing a birth plan isn’t as hard as it seems, you just have to sit down and do it so that you can discuss any concerns with your doctor and put a few copies in your hospital bag.



Leave room for things that could happen and have it stated clearly what you would like or questions you would need to have answered.



Don’t forget to get your free printable c section birth plan, just fill in the sections and you are ready to go!





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