Best Treatment For Cradle Cap

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Do you have a baby that has flakes and a yellowish type covering on their head? If so this is cradle cap, a lot of babies have it! I’m going to share with you the best treatment for cradle cap that I have used and actually works.



My baby boy starting getting it around 2 months and I finally found something that works really well to get rid of it.

What Is The Best Treatment For Cradle Cap?

There are many different ways to treat cradle cap! You can use shampoos, baby oil, and many other things.


I am going to go over what cradle cap is, what you can use to treat it and the product I have found works the best.

What is cradle cap?

It is not known exactly what causes cradle cap but doctors think it is a form of dandruff.


It may be from the oil glands in your babies’ skin that produce to much oil and cause rough dry patches.


It could be due to the leftover hormones from the womb that is still in her system.


Some may look white and scaly or red patches on your baby’s scalp. 

Symptoms of cradle cap

The symptoms of cradle cap can vary from baby to baby but most are white, yellow, or dark patches of scales that flake off of babies head over time.



Sometimes it is red instead of scaly or flaky. It doesn’t itch or bother your baby it just looks bad.



Sometimes babies lose hair though it isn’t common but could happen.



It also can appear on other parts of the body!

  • Face 
  • Behind ears
  • Diaper area
  • Armpits


Cradle Cap Treatment

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What to use for cradle cap

Here are some natural treatments for cradle cap and the one that I think works the best.




  1. Washing Hair More Often- You can wash your baby’s hair more frequently to get rid of excess oils and help wash away the flakes.
  2. Brush- After washing hair brush it with a soft brush to loosen the flakes and comb them out.
  3. Oil- You can use baby oil, coconut oil (I like using this the best), olive oil, vaseline. You can do this before washing hair and then comb it and (this is my favorite one to use) shampoo it out.
  4. Ointment- You can apply hydrocortisone to the scalp if it is red and inflamed. Your doctor may prescribe a cream if it is really bad.
  5. Shampoo- Cradle cap shampoo that your doctor prescribed to you for real bad cradle cap can be used to loosen the scales.

My favorite product that has worked the best for me even though my baby has a ton of hair is the 3 step cradle cap system by Fridababy!!

I love this product it works so well!

Prevention of cradle cap

Once you see that it is going away, continue to wash with shampoo often, and comb out the flakes.


Once it is gone your pediatrician can tell you how often you should wash the hair.

Final thoughts on the best treatment for cradle cap

Most cradle cap goes away on its own. If your baby doesn’t have it real bad you don’t have to do anything but wash hair more often and comb it.


If it is really bad always talk to your pediatrician before doing anything. 



My son had a mild case of it and it went away after he was a year and a half. All I did was shampoo and comb it but it wasn’t scaly just yellow color on the scalp.

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