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Getting pregnant is stressful especially if you have been trying for a long time, now you have all the early signs of being pregnant so what is the best home pregnancy test to know for sure? I have a list of tests that are the best ones to use for a home pregnancy test and how accurate the results are as well as the ones that I have used that gave me results as early as 4 weeks.

To find out if you are pregnant or not you can make a doctor appointment for a urine test to test for hCG or even a blood test so that you know for sure but if you aren’t comfortable doing this right now you can go to the store and get a pregnancy test and find out in the comfort of your own home. These test are made to test only for the human chorionic gonadotropin or hCG hormone that is only produced when an embryo is present and implanted. The longer you are pregnant the stronger this hormone becomes making it easier to detect. Testing for it to early may cause you to have a false negative, to avoid getting one of these it is recommended to wait till you are as close to your period as possible if not after it should have started.

Your at the store and the aisle is huge and there are literally 20 different kinds of tests you could take, so how do you know out of the many brands and kinds of tests which one would be the best home pregnancy test for you to buy, without totally wasting your money?  Lets break it down and look at only the best ones to pick.

Best Home Pregnancy Test

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Home Pregnancy Test Worth Buying

First Response Early Results Pregnancy Test is a very accurate pregnancy test and the one I used the second time I found out I was pregnant it gave me clear results before I even got to the date of my period starting which is a nice feature!! You don’t have to wait so long to take the test and find out for sure so it helps with the anxiety of finding out. It is 76% accurate and can test 5 days sooner.

To me this is the best test to buy because it shows pregnancy early, is easy to read and has most positive reviews online!!

Super simple to use, just pee on the curved easy to hold stick, wait the 3 minutes for the results to show up one pink line for not pregnant and two pink lines for pregnant and yes a faint line is pregnant as well!  If you have symptoms of pregnancy this would be the brand I would get to test with because it worked for me 4 days early and I trust it the most!

In many reviews most women got results post ovulation so this is a very sensitive test!



First Response Digital Pregnancy Test

Is just like the other first response test but shows yes or no on the screen instead which makes it easier to read your results. If you would rather have an easier to read test then this is a good one to use and you still get results as early as 5 days before your period is due.


Clearblue Pregnancy Test

This test has rapid detection so it shows results up to 1 minute after taking it when used one day after missed period, has a curved design so it is easier to use and 50% wider color changing tip for easy sampling. You can test up to 5 days early by using the first urine of the day.

This is one of the top picks for pregnancy tests.


E.P.T Early pregnancy test

This is an easy test to use with positive and negative results so it is easy to read, it is more accurate when taken the day after missed period but can be used earlier. If done early use first morning urine sample and wait 2 minutes for your result.

I like it because it is simple to use and easy to read with plus and negative signs, you get results early by 4 days before missed period and the cost is good for what you get.

E.P.T digital test   You can also try the digital one that is easier to read with the words pregnant or not pregnant that show up instead of a plus or minus if you are afraid of not reading the test correctly.


 Equate One step Pregnancy Test

You can test up to 5 days sooner and is comparable to e.p.t. You get clear results with the + and – signs get results in 2 minutes.

Remember to use first morning urine sample so that the pregnancy hormone can be detected more easily!

You can test 4 days before your period and get accurate results which is 5 days sooner then some pregnancy tests.  In clinical tests equate one step had the following results source

Number of days before expected period: -4 days, % of samples from pregnant women getting a pregnant result with One Step pregnancy test: 53%
Number of days before expected period: -3 days, % of samples from pregnant women getting a pregnant result with One Step pregnancy test: 74%

This is a good way to go if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but want an accurate result!


Picking The Best Home Pregnancy Test For You

Now that we have looked at the top tests how do you go about choosing the right one for yourself?

Lets look at what you need in a test so when you are in the pregnancy test aisle you know what to look for.

  1. Early results- You want to pick one that will give you the early results that you need so that your mind is at at ease
  2. Ease of use-No confusion on the results you get with a straight yes your pregnant or no your not
  3. Accurate-You don’t need a false report so which one is more accurate, out of most of the tests I would say First Response is the best and earliest detector
  4. Price-Without over spending because lets face it some of these tests are way expensive, if you are testing a lot buying online is better because you can get tests in bulk.  The first response test is about $9-$14 depending on a single or triple test pack which isn’t to bad compared to other tests.


These are the top 5 picks for best home pregnancy tests to use so that you have a good idea when you get one as to which test would be the best one for your situation. My personal favorite is the First Response test with the 3 tests so that if you test to early then you can test two more times if needed or maybe your significant other wants proof again you can do that as well without having to spend a boatload on pregnancy tests.

My husband did that to me, he was in shock and made me take another test to prove it that we were indeed having a baby lol! It came up positive all 3 tests I took and it was 5 days before my period was due, I believe I was about 2 or 3 weeks pregnant at the time so you can see that it works really well.  When I went to the doctors office to confirm they only had a faint line and that was a week after I had tested myself.

I hope you find this super helpful and wish you luck on finding out your results, it is so stressful when you think you might be pregnant but don’t know for sure so hang in there momma it will all turn out okay. Just breathe and try to relax, being anxious about it doesn’t make you find out any sooner or help with the situation.


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