Best baby bottles for newborns with gas and reflux issues

Best Baby Bottles For Newborns With Gas And Reflux Issues

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Are you looking for the best baby bottles to buy? Then this post is for you! I have put together a list of baby bottles that work great for gas and reflux and even if your baby doesn’t have these problems they work great for most babies.  Let’s face it you are going to be feeding your baby every 3 to 4 hours for months why settle for just any bottle!




These are the best bottles to help feed your baby whether they are breastfed or formula-fed and include the one I swear by and used for my son.





There are a ton of baby bottles out there so how do you know which one is right for you especially when you buying them before you have the baby and may have to get different ones after if they don’t work for you. In order to avoid that I will help steer you in the right direction for success here, though some situations you may need something else for most these are the best options for you.

Best baby bottles for gas and reflux


Top 5 Best Baby Bottles That Help With Gas and Reflux

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Here is a list of the top 5 best bottles and why they are good as well as the best ones to pick out of the five to make choosing the best baby bottles easier for you.




1.Dr Brown’s options bottles




The bottles can be used with or without the vent system so it’s easy to take out if you don’t need it! They are fully-vented and clinically proven to reduce colic using the internal vent system.

The vent system helps prevent ingestion of air bubbles and keeps gas from forming in your babies stomach which reduces spit-up and burping.

These bottles also help preserve the nutrients in the formula or breast milk because air never reaches it and it also allows your little one to drink at his or her own pace which I love because some bottles force baby to drink too fast.

Another thing I really like is that these bottles have a preemie nipple that you can get to make it easier for feeding a tiny one.

You can get bottles that are glass or BPA free plastic as well.




They are a bit more pricey then some at least the glass versions are, but a lot of mothers swear by them (depends on your baby some downright refuse because of the nipple) and Dr. Browns stands behind all of the products they offer which is fantastic. Another great thing about them is that the narrow neck designed ones fit onto the Medela breast pumps.







2. Mam Baby bottles



These bottles are made of plastic/silicone with a super soft nipple that has texture on it so it won’t slip out of babies mouth and it mimics moms, unlike any other baby bottles that make it a great choice for breastfeeding moms!



These bottles make it easy to switch between breast and bottle feeding so as to not confuse your baby and cause feeding issues. The bottles also help prevent air to get into the baby’s stomach while feeding and prevents gas, reflux, and colic. This bottle has a vent that is on the bottom similar to the Evenflo bottles (I never had any luck with these ones being anti-colic for my daughter! She cried all the time)



This bottle comes in three different sizes and 3 nipple flows to suit your babies feeding needs which is nice.




My favorite thing about these bottles is that they are super easy to clean because they open from the top and bottom, unlike any other bottle!!








3. Tommee Tippee


These bottles have a soft flow nonvented nipple that prevents air and vacuum from building up. The nipple mimics mom’s natural feel, flex and movement similar to that of breastfeeding.


The bottles are BPA free


This bottle has a tube that helps prevent less air getting into babies stomach which helps with feeding issues of colic, and reflux.



This is a great natural alternative to breastfeeding but the only downside is the vent hole on the nipple frequently gets covered up by babies mouth or chin and prevents proper venting making it not as good as the Mam Bottles!






4. Cosmotomo Baby Bottles



These are a new bottle to the U.S but moms are loving these because of the soft silicone feel of the bottle and nipple designed to be most like mom’s it is the first choice when it comes to breastfeeding and bottle feeding.



The design has two small vents on the nipple that allows it to not get air into the formula or breast milk and helps prevent gas from entering babies stomach during feedings. The squeezable design makes it easier for babies to grip the bottle and it has a tab on the side for easy opening and closing.



The bottle is made of high-quality silicone free of BPA, latex, and lead.



Bottles are easy to clean without a brush because you can fit your hand in there easily due to the wide design of it.



I wish they had this bottle around when my son was born but you can be sure I will be using it with the next baby it is a great choice and my favorite!!







5. Philips Avent With AirFree vent

Designed to keep air from getting into the milk and help reduce feeding issues and acid reflux


The Air free vent is a one-piece design that is super easy to clean and use and nipple stays full of milk and not air.  The bottles are great because of the choices for nipples from newborn to 9 months and they fit on all bottles.



These bottles hold up and last, I have not had one fail on me, no leaks, no issues of any kind!!



These are the brand that I used with our son and they worked great, this new design however I haven’t gotten to try out but I’m sure it works great.



This is one of the number one brands and I loved using these due to the ease of use, the size of the bottles and choices for nipples and flows as well as the nipple shape and they worked for our baby without issue.






Final Thoughts on Best Baby Bottles for Gas and Reflux

When shopping for the right baby bottle keep in mind that you need something like your breast that is more natural if you plan to breastfeed and one that is easy to upgrade when going to a different size nipple.


Not all bottles are the same and some have better features than others, out of all these bottles I would use the Cosmoto or the Avent, those are the best bottles in my opinion and the ones that I will use for my next baby that is on the way. I haven’t decided between the two just yet but at least I have an idea of which ones to go for.


Pick the best bottle that works for you and your baby, if it doesn’t end up working you will have to go to a different one but at least now you have a good idea which ones will work best for you.


I hope this post helped you decide on the best bottles to get so that you have one less thing to worry about before baby comes home. As a mom, you have a million things running through your head that you need to get done and I am here to help you simplify what you need and make the best choice!




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  1. Thank you Cheree for this article. You are great. Not all bottles are the same and some have better features than others, out of all these bottles I would use the Cosmoto or the Avent, those are the best bottles in my opinion, too

    1. Hi Mikelo
      Glad you found this article helpful!! I have had a lot of success with both my boys using Avent bottles, it’s good to know that Cosmoto works great as well.

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