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Baby Registry Checklist Everything You Will Need For Your Baby

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One of the hardest things to do during pregnancy is to figure out what you actually need on your baby registry. I am starting to make a list for baby number three and want to help you with this super helpful checklist to take the guesswork out of making your baby registry.


Every baby needs certain essentials for the first few months, as a new mom it can be hard to figure out what those items are aside from the basics like a crib, car seat, and stroller.



Here is a list I put together for you with everything you need to register for and buy for your baby.

Items to put on your baby registry

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Baby Registry Checklist

Here is an easy checklist to follow as you start making your registry. Put everything on there that you need, some people may go in on bigger items as a group so don’t worry about how much they cost at this point.

Make sure to pick quality items with good reviews and don’t expect people to buy something that is super expensive (I’m talking like $6oo or higher here unless you have a rich family), try to be a bit reasonable about what you choose.



Get Your Free Ultimate Baby Registry Checklist



Items You Need On Your Baby Registry

Here is your checklist of what to put on your registry:

  1. Infant car seat
  2. Stroller
  3. Newborn clothing- Some people will tell you not to put this on there but add it in any way, someone may want to buy them for you.
  4. Crib
  5. Mattress for crib
  6. Pack n Play or Bassinett- I recommend the pack n play over the bassinet because you will use it longer and it converts from infant to toddler by removing the top section.
  7. Mattress for Pack n Play
  8. Sheets for Pack n Play and Crib at least 2 or 3 sets per 
  9. Baby Monitor – If you are looking for the best one this article may be helpful to you The Best Baby Monitors
  10. Bibs and burp cloths
  11. Newborn size to 4-month size diapers or cloth diapers and wipes
  12. Bottle warmer- this is a life saver when feeding at night especially if you are formula feeding or have a supply of breastmilk stored
  13. Bottles- I would start with the regular size ones because you only use the little ones for a month or two and then purchase the smaller nipples to go with them ( money saver tip)
  14. Baby bathtub and bath toiletries
  15. Infant swaddles
  16. First aid kit
  17. Bouncer
  18. Swing
  19. Infant carrier or wrap- this helps keep your baby calm and allows you to get things done when you need to
  20. Toys
  21. Blankets
  22. Clothing that is 3-6 months and up
  23. Boppy- great for breastfeeding and tummy time
  24. Cool mist humidifier
  25. Night light
  26. Rocking chair
  27. Dresser
  28. Changing Table
  29. Diaper bag
  30. Diaper pail with liners
  31. Washcloths and towels

I know this is a massive list but don’t worry I will break down how many of each you will need and the specifics of what you don’t.




Baby Registry Items Specifics

Here are the number of items you need to register for in the clothing, bedding, diapering, and feeding essentials.

I know this list looks super overwhelming but hold on momma it will be a bit more simplified by the time we are done and I will have a fun free checklist for you so that you don’t have to write it down or try to remember these (pregnancy brain just doesn’t allow this lol).

Feeding Essentials

  • 10 to 16 bottles- I suggest the 8-ounce size and get the first stage nipples ( if you are formula feeding, you will go through about 10 a day. If breastfeeding you will want at least 6 to 8 so that someone else can feed your baby if need be). The best bottles for breastfed or formula and how to choose
  • Breast Pump-If you are trying to figure out which one to choose this article can help Choosing the Best Breast Pump for Everyday Use
  • Nursing Pads– Even if you aren’t breastfeeding you will need these for a few weeks, these are what I love to use and they are so comfortable and discreet
  • Nipple Cream– This is my favorite one, believe me, your nipples will thank you if you plan on breastfeeding!
  • Bottle Brush– this is a must have item to keep your bottles nice and clean
  • Dishwasher basket– we used ours a lot and it holds all different items like nipples, caps, and pacifiers
  • 4-8 Bibs– honestly the more the better because you are going to go through them
  • 8 to 10 Burp Cloths– you will go through these just like the bibs especially if your baby spits up a lot
  • 2-4 Pacifiers– Have some extra ones so you can put one in your diaper bag and have some in the nursery and your room

Diapering Essentials

  • Changing table and changing pad-you will need one with a strap if using a dresser or a pad for one that has a railing, make sure it has a washable cover or get one that fits
  • 6-10 dozen cloth diapers or 2 to 3 boxes of disposable– newborn diapers and 4 to 5 boxes of the next size up so you are prepared

Baby Bedding Essentials

  • 1 Mattress Pad– some people say more but they are easy to clean and you don’t normally use more than one
  • 3 to 4 Fitted Crib Sheets– you may go through a few if your diapers leak so it’s good to have a few
  • 6 Soft Receiving Blankets– it’s nice to have a few in case of spit-up or diaper leaks
  • 1 or 2 Heavier Blankets– for when it is cold or if the baby is born in winter
  • 3 or 4 Sleep Sacks or Swaddles– these will be your best friend and help baby sleep better without a lot of fussing. This is the one I love!

Clothing Essentials

  • 4-8 Onesies– the long sleeve kind that snaps in the crotch
  • 4-8 Onesies– short sleeve and snaps in the crotch
  • 5 One Piece Pajamas– with snaps in the crotch, buttons on back just aren’t comfortable
  • 4 or 5 Long Sleeve Wrap Shirts– these work great for belly button care the first few weeks and you can change them easier this way
  • 2 Sets of No Scratch Mittens
  • 7 to 10 Socks or booties– you don’t need shoes, they just aren’t practical even though they are cute
  • 3 Dress up Outfits– Make sure you have one for pictures at the hospital
  • 2 or 3 Blanket Sleepers– great for winter babies
  • 1 Fleece suit or Bag– they make great ones for over the car seat that keeps baby warm and snug. This is the one I used and recommend


Bathing Essentials


  • 3 Bath towels
  • 2 Sets of Washcloths
  • Baby soap– this is the one I love and use
  • Baby lotion– I personally love this brand because it doesn’t contain all the chemicals that some lotions do
  • Bathtub

For more information on how to give your baby a bath here is an article you might want to save for later Baby Bath Time | Guide for New Parents


Final Thoughts on baby registry checklist

Don’t worry about people buying you everything on your registry, go ahead and register for everything on this list.


After your baby shower’s you can go back through and see what items you still need to purchase.



I hope this breakdown of what you need on your registry has helped. If you are looking for places to register the best ones I have found are, Target, and Walmart.


Some registries will give you a free welcome box for having your registry with them, who doesn’t love free stuff!!!

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