The Most Needed And Used Baby Gear

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Finding out you are having a baby is an exciting and stressful time, all of the items you have to purchase and figuring out what you need now and what to get later can be overwhelming for a mamma.  What baby gear do you really need to buy? I have 8 listed that I couldn’t live without and 1 that is a must have for any mom.


There are so many new products now and choosing what is best can be difficult especially when you are emotional, nauseous and hungry all the time not to mention super uncomfortable. If you already have a baby at home you are ahead of the game a bit and probably have some of these products but for those of you that have had a baby years ago or are having one for the first time, it can be hard.


My baby is 23 months now but I still remember how stressed we were trying to get everything we needed for him months before he was born. We have a fourteen-year-old girl but times have changed so much and we had no clue how to find items that are well suited for a new baby boy.

Baby Gear


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How To Pick The Right Gear

Picking out the right baby gear is very important and depends on a few things such as your lifestyle. Are you really into fitness and jogging all the time, do you plan on breastfeeding, will you be staying home with your little one, do you go out a lot traveling or going to events. Based on what your lifestyle is can help determine what to buy for your little one.


A helpful tip is to buy the big items first and then work on the smaller ones that way you won’t feel as much pressure since those items are harder to decide on. Here are a few baby items that I used all the time and couldn’t live without!!



Changing Table

You are going to want a good stable changing table that holds all of your items you need to change your babies diapers and dress them on. This is my favorite one because it is built really well and holds everything I need all in one place.



Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

You can get it in a few different colors to match your nursery and it fits most changing pads. It will hold your baby for a few years until they are trying to stand up and it gets to be a hazard to change them on it.






Stroller and Car Seat

I absolutely love this stroller we still use it to this day and it is awesome! I love it because you can use it with the car seat so it is easier to take your little one out of the car and just go without the bulky car seat to carry on your arm.



Also, it is super easy to unfold and holds all of your things in one place. Our son loved it too!



The seat adjusts for naps and it has a big canopy for bright sunny walks.

Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System, Hounds Tooth



This is the best easy to fold and unfold stroller we have ever had! Tried a bunch of different ones and this one turned out to be the favorite. Easy to clean, use and fold for travel in the car. We used the car seat for a year or more until we could afford to get a bigger seat, I loved how I could just unhook the seat and carry him anywhere. We still use this stroller and it holds up well to wear and tear!!!




Tummy Time Play Mat

VTech Baby Lil’ Critters Musical Glow Gym

Any type of mat that your baby can lay on and play with lights and sounds is a win!! Our son loved his and it kept him busy for a few hours. Anything musical seems to be a winner for babies. This one is awesome because it grows with your baby so they can go from tummy time to sitting up and playing with it.




Works great if you have a fussy baby that isn’t happy with anything else!!




Baby Tub

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub

You will always use this tub until your little one can sit on their own, it is a must have and a great baby shower registry item. Perfect to sit on the counter or table to bathe your baby for the first time. 





Baby Swing

4moms mamaRoo 4 Bluetooth-Enabled high-tech Baby swing

It is so nice to have one of these especially when the baby is a few weeks and months old! It really helps to soothe your baby and give you a break for a few minutes. Baby’s can be fussy and nothing else seems to work except putting them in a swing.




Baby Carrier

Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Carrier, Light Grey is a must have for those times your baby doesn’t want to be set down and you need to do things at the same time. Saves your arms from getting tired and having to use one hand all the time. Your baby stays snug against your body and keeps them calm for a long time. Especially while grocery shopping and trying to cook.





Hands-Free Breast Pump

Medela Easy Expression Bustier is an amazingly comfortable product that allows privacy and support while pumping. It is super nice because you don’t have to sit there and hold anything and have your hands free to do something else at the same time.  It can be super boring pumping and holding the bottles to your nipples trust me I know through experience.








Pack n Play

Ingenuity Washable Playard, Piper SooThe Me Softly

We used one of these for the first 4 months in our room and used the crib in our babies room just for naps. Worked great for us because he was right there and it had a changing table and seat to entertain him while I was putting away clothes.


This can easily be moved to different rooms or someone else’s house for a visit. It works great! We use it now at Grandma’s house for an occasional overnight stay and he hasn’t figured out how to climb out at 2 years old so you can see how long you can use this for.







 OCCObaby Clinical Forehead Baby Thermometer this is a must for any parent because when your little one feels warm you need to know if they are sick and can’t wait around for the thermometer to read for five minutes. Sometimes time is not on your side when your little is sick!  Our baby gets croup a bunch of times each winter and it is worse every time and always has a fever. Can’t wait around to see how high his temp is before we take him to the ER so we use one of these and love it.






Final Thoughts on Baby Gear 

If you are looking for an easy way to not spend a ton of money on baby gear look at garage sales and talk to friends that had a baby 6 months ago or more and see if you can buy their used baby gear. 


You can save a lot of money by being a smart shopper and buying items during sales along with using coupons when you can, try to shop during holidays and those awesome black Friday sales if at all possible.


The only thing you shouldn’t buy used is a crib and car seat just to be on the safe side!!



These are 8 big must-haves for your baby before you give birth so add them to your registry so you won’t forget to get them!!

Check out my list with more items for your Baby registry here!!



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Baby items you will need the most


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