Best toys for toddler

5 Best Toys For Your Toddler

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The 5 best toys your toddler will love!

Toddlers are very active and curious as you should know having a toddler or pretoddler, they are always on the go and into everything. Out of all of the toys and products we have used so far for our little one these are my favorite ones that still keep his interest! 
We tend to spend a lot of money on toys and items we are told work so well or that our babies will love them only for them to never be used or grown out of very quickly. I have been constantly sifting through toys and boxing them up to be donated or given away because he simply doesn’t use them and they are taking over his room and my house haha.



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Most babies and Toddlers are very into music! Baby Einstein is a big go-to for many mom’s, it really does help keep their attention. I believe they sell a lot of educational and good quality toys and videos.  Our little one is still into his baby Einstein player, it used to keep him from crying when he was smaller and now he likes to walk around and dance to it. 
The music is soft on the ears compared to some toys and you can adjust the loudness of it as well. It lights up as it plays and has a convenient handle with fun bright colors to carry it around.


My pretoddler just loves his Peek A Boo Forest book by lamaze since he was 4 months old he gets such a kick out of opening the peek a boo flaps and seeing the animal. This book is made from soft fabric and the peek a boo flaps make crinkling sounds that will captivate your little one.
It is a great investment and helps him stay interested in reading!

VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck is a fantastic toy for any baby 12 months and older.  The lights and sounds keep babies attention as well as the bright colored balls that provide endless fun. My little one will sit there for an hour!

Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks are great for pretoddlers 14 months and on. It is a great priced item for hours of fun for any baby.  The shapes are easy for them to hold and the bucket always makes for a versatile toy.
Donny will spend an hour taking off the lid and sorting the colors, putting them in the shape hole that they go into.



My Absolute Favorite Product


The Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup is my favorite item of all when it comes to toddler products. This cup is amazing it works better than any sippy cup I have ever bought! I can’t tell you how many cups we have gone through because they didn’t work right.  Does this sound like you? If so you need to look into getting a few of these.
This sippy cup doesn’t allow the liquid to pour out of the cup when tipped over. Munchkin has a lot of different style cups to choose from some have handles for younger babies and some are made of metal with bright colored tops. I recommend checking them out, they have a style for everyone.

I would love to hear about your favorite toddler toys or products?


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