1. It’s true, blogging can be a bit complicated and feel overwhelming. Most days I have been so overwhelmed by the abundance of information and resources that I go from blogging regularly to not blogging at all.

    One thing that keeps me going is my goals for blogging (to keep track of my personal growth journey while also helping others do same), and I find that this goal is gradually changing on me.

    These are beautiful courses Cheerie, I’ll definitely check them out.
    I love the new look on your blog.
    Great job.


    • You are so right about that!! I feel the same way a lot, just try and have 2 or 3 things that you need to do each day and accomplish those. Consistency is key to success from what I have been reading from top bloggers that is how they got where they are today. Choose 2 blogger courses to follow and ignore the rest, then follow step by step what they say. Hope that helps you not be so overwhelmed.

      That is awesome! You are onto something seeing it is changing on you then keep it up.

      Yes they are! Thanks so much for checking out my post. She is awesome!!!
      Thank you that means a lot!


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