19 Best Toys For Babies And Toddlers

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Toddlers are very active and curious as you should know having a toddler or pretoddler, they are always on the go and into everything. Out of all of the toys and products we have used so far for our little one these are my favorite ones that still keep his interest! 
We tend to spend a lot of money on toys and items we are told work so well or that our babies will love them only for them to never be used or grown out of very quickly. I have been constantly sifting through toys and boxing them up to be donated or given away because he simply doesn’t use them and they are taking over his room and my house haha.



 Toys Your Toddler And Baby Will Love

Here is a mix of toys your one-year-old baby and toddler while really love playing with, these are great for Christmas or Birthday’s and will keep them busy for a while. The nice thing is that they don’t grow out of them too quickly so you get your money worth out of them. It can be hard to find the right toys to pick, hopefully, this will make it easier for you, and they are reasonably priced as well.

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Musical Toys For Babies And Toddlers

Most babies and toddlers are into music and any of these toys would be perfect for your little music lovers! I have all of these and both my children still play with them. One is almost a year and the other one is four, as you can see they will play with them for a long time.


 Baby Einstein is a big go-to for many mom’s, it really does help keep their attention. I believe they sell a lot of educational and good quality toys and videos.  Our little one is still into his baby Einstein player, it used to keep him from crying when he was smaller and now he likes to walk around and dance to it. The music is soft on the ears compared to some toys and you can adjust the loudness of it as well. It lights up as it plays and has a convenient handle with fun bright colors to carry it around.


VTech Musical Rhymes Book has easy to turn pages, plays songs and music with a piano on the side. Your little one will learn colors and instruments along with hearing nursery rhymes that are loved by most children. This book will keep them busy while you are cleaning or trying to make dinner. It comes in red or pink and is extremely durable, my son throws it around and is really hard on toys and it hasn’t broken yet.



Playskool Busy Ball Popper I am not going to lie this one is loud, if you have a playroom this will work out better for you then in your living room when you are on the phone, talking, or trying to watch something on tv. This toy is entertaining for hours, the fan runs and the balls fly out of it and run down the track or go all over the room, kids get into this toy and have a blast playing with it. It plays music and has silly sounds with a button that is easy enough for small hands to push.



Renfox Kids Musical Mats are these super fun music piano keyboard dance floor that is so much fun for kids of all ages. Perfect gift for babies because it is soft and won’t hurt their feet and is easy for them to use. Has five modes one click, play, playback, and record and responds to your babies’ touch and kicks. Makes for hours of play for all littles.





 VTech KidiBeats Drum Set is perfect for helping your baby or toddler learn patterns and use fine motor skills. Has 4 modes with music, alphabet, patterns, animal sounds, and more. Great for babies to toddlers, side note if your baby is playing with it don’t give them the drum sticks as they may put them in their mouth. Great for sensory development and appealing to those little music lovers. 9 Melodies from rock, dance, pop, and more. We still have ours and my four-year-old rocks out to it along with our eleven-month-old. Worth the money for many years of play and the batteries last a long time, it has a power-saving mode when not in use.




Books Babies And Toddlers Will Enjoy

Books always make great gifts, most children love to hear stories and look at the pictures. For babies pretty much anything colorful and makes sounds like crinkle books or squeaky books are a hit. 







My pretoddler just loves his Peek A Boo Forest book by Lamaze since he was 4 months old he gets such a kick out of opening the peek a boo flaps and seeing the animal. This book is made from soft fabric and the peek a boo flaps make crinkling sounds that will captivate your little one.
It is a great investment and helps him stay interested in reading!




HanShe Baby Soft Book Cloth Book Set 4 Pack these are high-quality books that are soft and very colorful to captivate your baby and get them into reading. These are crinkle books and have ribbons on the sides of bright fun colors. These will help with early language development and creativity, it’s full of adorable characters and makes reading an exciting experience for any child. I just like them because they are so fun and colorful with loops you can hang them on strollers or walkers, anything with a place to hang them.




Beiens Soft Baby Cloth Books these are also soft crinkle books that are great for babies, infants, and toddlers. These are the cutest books full of interactive characters sure to please any child and keep them captivated for hours of fun. These are a great way to introduce any child to nature and animals. Squeaker sound improves baby’s audio and the textured tails are wonderful for sensory development.





I Loved You Since Forever is a sweet book about the love between a parent and child full of beautiful illustrations perfect to cuddle up with your baby or toddler and read. This is perfect for birthdays, baby showers, or Mother’s Day. You will enjoy reading this book over and over with your little one.





Toys For Babies And Toddlers They Will Love

Here are some toys that my kids have and love to play with and are worth the money, these keep their attention and make perfect gifts for any occasion. The ones that take batteries hold up really well without having to change the batteries that came with them.







VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck is a fantastic toy for any baby 12 months and older.  The lights and sounds keep babies’ attention as well as the bright colored balls that provide endless fun. My little one will sit there for an hour and keep playing with the balls and pushing the buttons! He also puts other toys in it and gets creative pushing it around the house.








Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Baby’s First Blocks are great for pretoddlers 14 months and on. It is a great priced item for hours of fun for any baby.  The shapes are easy for them to hold and the bucket always makes for a versatile toy. My toddler will spend an hour taking off the lid and sorting the colors, putting them in the shape hole that they go into.




Sitodier Baby Bath Toys this cute bath toy is perfect for fine motor skills, babies and toddlers will love scooping water and watching the eyes move and wheels turn. Great for language development and keeping them busy while in the bath. No batteries required for this toy which is awesome (not that you want batteries by water or in it for that matter).



Mega Blocks First Builders are great for babies 1-year-old and toddlers as well, perfect size for little hands, and super easy to put together. These make for hours of fun building towers and using their imagination. Great for fine motor skills and creativity. My four year old loves them still though we do have the next step up to these he still uses them to make ramps and towers. Very affordable and will be used for years to come, perfect for Christmas or birthday.




Playskool Giraffalaff Tumble Top toy great for six months and up, swirling balls that spin and pop make this toy captivating and hours of fun. You will find your little one laughing and spinning the balls as they laugh and talk. Great for stimulating their senses from babies to toddlers, this toy is a must get. We have one and it’s always being played with the only downside is that it is loud so don’t have it anywhere you are trying to talk on a phone or listen to something.



My Absolute Favorite Products

Here are some of my favorite toys for Christmas or Birthdays that my kids play with all the time and are well worth the money. They make for hours of fun and help to keep them busy so you can get things done around the house! Which is very important when it comes to keeping things going around the house.



 EocuSun Kids Ball Pit is hours of fun and provides a safe place for your baby or toddler to play and become a little more independent, great for babies, toddlers, and even pets. You will be able to clean and prepare dinner without interruption. Easy to assemble, store and you can take it with you anywhere. Perfect as a gift or for parties, if you have a daycare it would be great for helping the kids explore and learn colors. My kids love it! One side note is that balls are sold separately, here is the link for that.




YoYoSTORE Child’s Interactive Cell Phone perfect for littles that are always trying to take your phone like both my children try to do. It has a touch screen with flashing lights, 20 children’s songs, and 10 sleeping songs. This will help keep your child busy and feed their curiosity so they aren’t after your phone all time. It has eight modes and sounds with interactive pictures along with a switch to make it ring and talk. 




KiddoLab Lilly The Bug is an adorable crawling ladybug that encourages your baby to crawl along with interacting with rings, buttons, and multiple colors to help them learn and develop. This toy will keep them busy for a while and babies get a kick out of it crawling.



Bikilin’s toy 40pcs Sand molds toy set comes with tons of tools, molds, and sand tray for use with any play sand. Great for outdoor play or indoors (in a garage or easy to clean area, because kids are messy). We use ours for kinetic sand and it helps maintain the mess and provides tons of room for building and playing with toys in the sand. Perfect sensory activity that helps improve fine motor skills as well.



Final Thoughts On The Best Toys For Your Toddler And Baby

Hopefully, this has helped you come up with some gift ideas for your baby or toddler, all of these products we have and use or have used in the past. They hold up well with wear and tear and believe me if it is breakable my kids will break it! You get your money’s worth with these items. 


For more ideas, you can check out the related posts below and also make a list of things your child is interested in and you can get some ideas that way as well. A side note, especially for boys but toddlers in general, are remote control cars or trains like Thomas that take batteries. Girls are more likely to love dolls or dollhouse sets things like that or crafty type items as well depending on the age of course.




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